Diploma in Commerce - English Assignment Answer


Diploma in Commerce - English Assignment Answer

Diploma in Commerce- ইংরেজি এসাইনমেন্ট উত্তর

Unit-3: Learning English Lesson 1: Learning a language?

1.Read the passage carefully and write the two ways of learning

Ans: Reading Your Books??

2.Write your own way about “implicit” and “explicit” learning by reading the text

Ans: Links

3. What is first language? Write your own word about the
position of English language

Ans: Links

Unite-8: Towards Social Awareness Lesson 3: Isn’t it too loud !

  1. Read the text very carefully and describe the condition of the
    Dhaka city.

2.Comparing UN, measurement of loudness written in the text are
we leaving in sound or noise?


3.What is the effect of sound pollution? and how can we develop
our awareness to stop sound pollution?

Unite-17: Modes of Communication Lesson 1: What is communication?

  1. Write a dialogue between you and your friend based on the
    following questions :
    (a) What is COVID-19? (b) How does it spread? (c) How does an
    epidemic hamper the social life? (d) What is the effect of
    COVID-19 in our economics? (e) How can we control the
    epidemic? Ans: Links

Unite-6: Our Environment Lesson 2: How the Environment is Polluted?

  1. Read the text then write a paragraph based on the
    questions given below. Give a suitable title:
    (a) How the environment polluted?
    (b) If urbanization is responsible how can we stop this?
    (c) What is our responsibility of making awareness
    against the present condition of the world to stop the
    pollution? Answer: Links




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