The importance of business in Islam and 13 directions for business success


The importance of business in Islam and 13 directions for business success

◈ 5) Talking and behaving with a smile on the face of the customer: In the hadith, talking with a smile is equal to the reward of good deeds and good behavior is mentioned as the most important reason to enter Paradise.

In fact, the more beautiful one's behavior, the more everyone loves, respects and honors him. If the sales man of the shop does not talk to the customers with a smile and does not behave politely, then no one will come to him.

6) Patience and hard work (saying goodbye to laziness). Bill Gates said, “Never rush into success. Patience is a key to success. ”

◈ 6) Innovation and creativity in business: These two things are very important in business. You need more than luck to succeed in affiliate business. Such as: New Collection, Special Discount, Home Delivery, Free Service, Use of Modern Technology, Online Worder etc. Some strategies need to be applied to attract customers on different occasions. Then it will attract the attention of customers.

◈ 6) Achieving better customer service and their satisfaction: Protecting what is promised to the customer, helping the buyer to choose the product or find something, listening attentively, caring for him, etc. helps a lot to bring business success. .

◈ 9) Accepting customer criticism positively: Accepting customer criticism and bad feedback in a positive way, they should be used as influencers for the development of the organization.

◈ 10) Observing the market conditions and delivering the right products on time: It is very important for business success to understand the market situation and deliver the right quality product or service to the buyer at the right time.

◈ 11) Best Products: Best products should be imported keeping in view the needs of the people. However, in the eyes of Islam, it is not permissible to buy or sell any haraam product.

◈ 12) Selling products at competitive prices: Considering the financial condition of the customers, it is necessary to try to sell products at competitive prices as much as possible.

◈ 13) Dua: Above all, it is necessary to make dua to Allah for halal sustenance and business success. Because it is not right to expect business to always be profitable but there is also a risk of loss. He must be mentally prepared.

And remember, before the soul is blown into our bodies, Allah Almighty has decided our sustenance. But it is our duty to work regularly and to make the necessary efforts.

God is the owner of success. If he doesn't, we will not be able to achieve a single goal even after hundreds of attempts. We have to work with this belief in mind.

May Allah grant Tawfiq. Amen.

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Abdullah Hadi bin Abdul Jalil

Dai, Jubail Dawah and Guidance Center, Saudi Arabia.


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