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 Exercises to lose back fat.

To burn calories, it is essential to definitely abandon the sedentary lifestyle, adopt a good exercise routine and other healthy lifestyle habits.
Do you want to lose your back fat? In that case, the first thing you should know is that you have to definitely abandon sedentary lifestyle, adopt a more active and healthy lifestyle, and learn to maintain this over time so that you can always look and feel good, not just at an event. or a specific moment.
Exercises to lose back fat

Fat accumulation can be due to improper diet, combined with other factors. On the other hand, it must be taken into account that a low level of thyroxine can cause the accumulation of fat in areas with little circulation. That is why it is important to have medical check-ups and be up to date in this regard. Even more so if your family has a history of certain conditions or if you suspect that you may suffer from hypothyroidism.

Once you know how healthy you are, what you should attend to and how to do it properly, the next thing you should do is follow the instructions of your doctor and start exercising.
Routine to burn back fat and strengthen it
To eliminate that fat from the back you must perform specific exercises that work that part of the body and be consistent. Remember that not because you exercise your back once a month you will be able to magically eliminate fat. On the other hand, you don't have to do this daily either. Ideally, you should integrate it in a balanced way into a good training routine.

Let's see below some exercises so that you lose fat in that area and stay active and healthy.
Lumbar curl:
Lie on your stomach, put your arms stretched out in front (or back). Without lifting your feet, arch your back gently lifting it and return to the starting position. Perform 2 sets and 10 reps.
Position 2
Stay in the same position and this time place your hands on the back of your neck, lift your torso and return to the starting position. This time you will do 2 sets and 15 repetitions.

Do the same exercise as above, but this time arch your back to one side and then the other as if you wanted to see the right side and then the left. Always keep the rest of the body straight.

Lose back fat: effective tips for success
Do sit-ups to remove fat from your back.
Abdominal exercises, in addition to burning belly fat, also help eliminate lower back fat. Exercise all around the abs, focusing on the oblique abs. You can do side planks and static oblique stretches in your strength exercises.

Practice swimming whenever you can
On the other hand, swimming is a very beneficial sport for the back. It is ideal to help you lose back fat and strengthen it at the same time. Have you ever practised it? If not, give it a try because it could bring you several benefits, in addition to helping you stay fit.

Recommendations for best results
If you are consistent with these exercises you can achieve good results in a short time. In addition, it is important that you set achievable goals in the short term since the small achievements achieved maintain motivation.
Similarly, do not forget the importance of adopting and maintaining a balanced diet. It is good to choose a varied diet, with fresh foods, such as fruits, vegetables, as well as foods rich in fibre and protein.
Complement the exercises with reducing massages on the back, with specific movements to mobilize the accumulated fat in this area.
Finally, remember that postural hygiene is very important. You should try a straight posture to avoid sagging, fat accumulation and the formation of love handles.
To conclude, remember that rest between series is essential since it is used to oxygenate the fibres. In addition, this time will help us to recover and resume the exercise with strength.

The rest time varies depending on the objectives and the type of training we do. In this case, as the purpose is to lose the fat located in the back, we can rest a minute between series and series to maintain a good heart rate.


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