Dr. Case in the name of Jafrullah Chowdhury, PBI in investigation


Dr. Case in the name of Jafrullah Chowdhury, PBI in investigation

Dr. Case in the name of Jafrullah Chowdhury, PBI in investigation

Nasreen Akhter, a midwife, died due to medical negligence. A case has been filed against six people including Jafrullah Chowdhury. The other accused in the case is Dr. Public Health City Hospital. Nasreen, Dr. Shawkat Ali Arman, gynecologist. Delwar Hossain and Sebika Shankari Rani Sarkar.

The case was filed in the court of Dhaka Metropolitan Magistrate Devdas Chandra Adhikari on Tuesday by the deceased's husband SA Alam Sabuj. After taking the plaintiff's statement, the court directed the Police Bureau of Investigation (PBI) to investigate the allegations and submit a report on January 21.

Nasreen Akhter, wife of SA Alam Sabuj, was admitted to Gonoswasthya Nagar Hospital on September 24 in normal condition during her pregnancy. They had an idea, get good treatment there. But they did not get any service from the hospital authorities there. Nasreen Akhtar's husband, Sabuj, who was in labor, repeatedly asked Shankari Rani to call a doctor, but she did not listen. The reverse keeps threatening the green. That is to say, he is enough to heal the patient.

When the patient's condition became critical, Sabuj Shankari again requested Rani to call a doctor. Then Shankari Rani called the intern doctor Shuvo and Nupur. They both came and said, everything is fine. Then Dr. Shankari. Delwar Hossain and Dr. Nasreen was called to come. But no doctor came. When the victim requested saline and painkillers, they did not do so.

Shankari Rani forced the victim to give birth without saline, painkillers. At one stage of the extra bleeding, the victim gave birth to a baby girl. But after a while he died. After about two-three hours. Shawkat Ali Arman and Dr. Delwar Hossain came. Delwar Hossain told the victim's family members, "He has no life. God has taken it, you take the body home quickly. The matter will be settled peacefully later.

The hospital authorities admitted that they had some negligence behind the death of the patient. They promised to settle the matter but later did not pay attention to the plaintiff. The accused said, "The matter will not be settled. If possible, file a case."

Then on December 16 the plaintiff went to Dhanmondi police station to file a case. Police authorities advised to file a case in the court.


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