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How to improve your quality sleep

Health Hub city: Top 6 tips to improve your quality sleep. A good rest is essential to maintain a healthy life. There are habits that will help to improve your quality sleep.

Often and mistakenly, it is often thought that sleep is the same as rest. Likewise, it should be noted that the quality of sleep must be good. For this, it is interesting to know the different factors that will influence a good sleep habit and behaviour. Correct eating patterns and lifestyle help ensure a good habit of sleep also.

Factors that condition our behaviour when sleeping
Sleep quality, how to improve it?
Some of the factors that condition our behaviour when sleeping are:
The physical activity daily: should do it during the day and avoid time prior to bedtime to do it to sleep.
improve your quality sleep

The usual routine schedule: it is advisable to follow similar schedules.
The intake of food and drink: you should avoid exciting drinks that contain caffeine or theine and copious meals before going to bed.
Age and sex: with age, we lose the quality of sleep and, in general, women sleep worse than men.
The consumption of drugs or medications can activate us and interfere with sleep, causing insomnia.
Sleep quality How to improve it?
On many occasions, it is enough to follow some practical advice to guarantee that our sleep will be of good quality. Here are some tips for sleep hygiene :


Try to go to bed only when you feel sleepy.

Get up and go to bed at the same time. Do not lengthen the time in bed and stay long enough and necessary. Avoid naps that do not exceed 20 minutes or even do not take them. Try not to watch television or eat in bed. The bed is for sleeping. Practice some relaxation exercise before going to bed. Take a hot bath to increase relaxation.

Runaway from stressful activities before bed.

Maintain optimal and favourable environmental conditions for sleep: good ventilation, dim or off light, no noise ...

Do not use technological devices such as mobile phones, tablets, etc. before going to sleep.
Allow a reasonable time from dinner to bedtime. Avoid copious dinners, rich in sugars, fats or with a lot of liquid, as they can interfere with sleep due to poor digestion, the urge to go to the bathroom ...
Do not go to bed hungry, thirsty or feeling like you have to go to the bathroom.
Bear in mind that caffeine and nicotine are stimulants that interfere with adequate sleep.

6 Recommendations to improve sleep quality

Professional psychologists warn of the increase in this problem, putting hours of sleep in Western society at no more than six hours a day according to the average. Below you will find some of the most recommended tips to improve the quality of your sleep.

1. Don't use the mobile phone on your bed:

The little use of the mobile device takes the number one of the list of measures. By turning into an apparatus with which we awaken and bid farewell during the day, it has been viewed as the greatest offender for the low quality of rest we endure. Composing writings, talking, understanding messages or viewing a video, just as the light on the screen, lead to consideration and focus that animates cerebrum action. It is fitting not to utilize the telephone even two hours prior to resting.

2. Avoid doing sports at night

According to the biological clock, the body begins to lower its blood pressure in the late afternoon, between 6 and 8 p.m. Many sign up to play sports between these time slots, which again causes an activation of the reflexes and reaction of the brain that is required. Therefore, it is recommended exclusively to do it during the daytime (even in summer) to carry out any type of physical training, being no later than 5:00 p.m.

3. Keep regular schedules

It is very important to follow a regular schedule so that the body adapts to these rhythms. Otherwise, the circadian rhythm will become out of adjustment, falling asleep too late and waking up too early for our good.

4. Read a book or magazine

One of the worst habits that people do today is turning on the computer to watch a series online or gambling during the sleep phase in front of the television. Any digital display creates a negative impact on sleep. As an alternative, concentrating on silence and the pages of a book will help to better reconcile the moment of rest.

5. Turn off all the lights in the room

improve your quality sleep

It might sound senseless, yet it is incredibly compelling. Numerous individuals keep a faint light on to rest since it alludes to the quietness that it radiates. This is negative. Any beam of light, regardless of how little, upsets rest prior to resting.

6. Lower the brightness of the mobile device screen

We should demand the various components that improve the personal satisfaction that have to do with the phone or cell phones (tablets and PCs, for example, the adjustment of the splendour of the screen that everybody has. During the day you can keep up a medium/high brilliance level, yet it is fitting that any sparing mode is enacted on the screen after 4:00 p.m.

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