This time Trump is losing his wife, he lost the election

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This time Trump is losing his wife, he lost the election
This time Trump is losing his wife, he lost the election

This time Trump is losing his wife, he lost the election


Donald Trump has lost the US presidential election, is he going to lose his wife Melania Trump this time? This is not a mere rumor, as claimed by two former allies of Donald Trump. And then there is the speculation of a breakdown in Trump's family.


According to the British Daily Mail, a statement made by Melania Trump when Donald Trump was elected President of the United States in 2016 received a good response. A friend of hers claimed that she broke down in tears when she went to talk to her husband, saying she never expected her husband to win.


After Donald Trump was elected president, Melania Trump waited five months to come to Washington from New York. He waited for the Trump-Melania couple's child, Baron, to finish school. But Stephanie Olkoff, Trump's former ally, claims that at the time, Melania was negotiating a post-marital deal with her husband, Trump and that the baron should have an equal share in Trump's fortunes.


Stephanie Olkoff further complained that Donald Trump lived in a separate bedroom at the White House. Melania's relationship with Trump has turned into a "transactional marriage" - another former Trump aide has taken it a step further. Trump and Melania's 15-year marriage has come to an end, according to a former Trump aide named Omarosa Menegat Newman.


"Melania is counting each minute, and she will divorce him as quickly as Trump leaves office," she said.  If Melania leaves and insults him while he is in office, he will have the opportunity to take disciplinary action against Melania. "


But 50-year-old Melania has sparked such controversy. She says she has a great relationship with her 74-year-old husband Trump. There is no problem between them.


Donald Trump made a deal with his second wife, Marla Maples, that he could not write a book criticizing Trump or give an interview. Lawyer Christina Private said Trump may have done the same with Melania, for which he is silent.


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