There was no sudden change in the size of the breast

There was no sudden change in the size of the breast

Breasts are an important part of the female body. It contains the child's first food. Needless to say, its contribution to physical beauty.

Yet most women are unaware of this important organ. Especially when it comes to disease. Some changes in the breasts can carry a message of danger. So beware of some of the symptoms.

Rash: Small rashes like scabies are usually not noticed. But if this rash occurs on the breast, especially around the nipple, then it cannot be ignored. Consult a doctor.

Wrinkles: Wrinkles or bumps on the skin of the breast can be a sign of great danger. This is one of the main symptoms of breast cancer. In that case, seek medical attention without hesitation.

Itching: Different parts of the breast may itch. Let me tell you, the skin of the breast is very thin. There may be severe itching, it may be cut, there may be bleeding. The biggest problem is that blood clots can cause pain due to pressure. So if you have frequent itching in the breast, consult a doctor.

Toll readings: Many people have tolls because their skin is loose. It is important to remember that tools like wrinkles can also be a danger, meaning that breast cancer can be a sign. Contact a doctor immediately if you suddenly start to feel a toll on the breast.

Feel the wheel: It is better to check the breasts after the period is over. Because at this time it is clear whether there is any wheel or lump in the breast.

Allergies: Allergies to the breast can be due to various reasons. Allergies are often caused by underwear. Whatever the cause of the allergy, it is best to consult a doctor.

Because what you think is a common allergy can be a sign of breast cancer. Because one of the symptoms of breast cancer is the disease. This disease causes changes in the skin of the breast like allergies or eczema. Such as- redness, change in the skin and color of the breast, peeling of the skin of the breast, etc.

Bleeding or pus discharge: If there is any sore or pus coming out of the nipple around the nipple, contact a doctor immediately. Because it can be a symptom of a terrible disease like cancer.

Author: Medical Oncologist and Cancer Medicine Specialist; Chief Medical Officer


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