The wrong aspects of con**dom rules

The wrong aspects of condom rules

 The wrong aspects of condom rules

The best way to prevent unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases is to use condoms. It is a birth control made of latex rubber or plastic (polyurine).

When buying a condom, make sure that it has the “British Standards Institution (BSI) kitemark” or “European CE” symbol on it for verification and must see the expiration date when buying.

There are two types of condoms: Women and 2. Of men. However, women's condoms are not available in Bangladesh.

Male condoms: Condoms are worn on the male penis during intercourse to prevent semen from entering the partner's vagina. The condom should be worn when the male penis is aroused and before entering the partner's body.

How to use: Carefully open the packet that contains the condom, making sure it does not tear.

Hold the tip / top of the condom with your thumb and forefinger so that it enters properly and there is no air inside. If there is wind, there is a possibility of rupture.

Wear the condom gently across the entire length of the male penis. If you do not open the condom, you must understand that you are wearing the opposite direction. Then use a new condom again.

Make sure the condom is in the right place and open it during intercourse and actually use another new condom.

When the male penis is aroused during ejaculation, hold the condom in place and pull the entire penis out of the partner's vagina. You will take out the condom only when there is no touch of your partner's body with your penis. Put the condom in the tissue and put it in the dustbin. Do not flush the commode as it may block the way.

Women's condoms: In this case, women can choose their own method of birth control. It must be worn before touching the vagina.

How to use: Carefully open the packet that contains the condom, taking care not to tear it. Hold the closed side between your index finger or thumb. Where there is a thin ring open the vagina with the other hand.

Then insert the ring into the vagina and with the middle finger insert the middle part of the ring as far inside the vagina as possible. Place the thin ring as far out of the vagina as possible. Make sure that the male penis passes between the vagina and the condom.

After mating, grab the last part of the condom and take out the condom. Make sure the condom does not break. The semen can enter the body. In that case, take emergency pill on the advice of a doctor.


If you use it, use water. Because oils such as lotions can be used to break the condom. If the condom breaks during intercourse, take the emergency pill with the advice of your doctor. You can also use other birth control methods.


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