Shah Rukh Khan dropped Aishwarya from several movies including 'Bir Zara'


Shah Rukh Khan dropped Aishwarya from several movies including 'Bir Zara'

Shah Rukh Khan dropped Aishwarya from several movies including 'Bir Zara'

From Bollywood to Hollywood. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is fascinated by the magic of blue eyes. The former Miss World turned 46 on Sunday.

 New information has come out about the birthday of the daughter-in-law of the Bachchan family. Is it because of Shah Rukh Khan that he has been dropped from multiple films including the super hit film 'Bir Zara'!

According to the Hindustan Times, Aishwarya recently appeared in an interview with Simi Garewal.

He had appeared there once before. The second time he showed a lot more intelligence than the first time and spoke a lot of his own personal things.

 Simi Garewal discusses his on-screen chemistry with Shah Rukh Khan and why he was dropped from multiple films, including 'Bir Zara'.

Asked by Simi Garwal, Aishwarya said, "How can I answer this? Taking a break and being a little embarrassed, Biswasundari of 1994 said, "Yes, at that time we had to work on more than one film at a time and suddenly it didn't happen, there was no explanation." I never got the answer to why. "

At the time, Simi told Aishwarya that Shah Rukh Khan regretted in an interview that it happened because he was entering Aishwarya's personal life. Aishwarya replied, "I have no answer." He also said that he did not want to take pictures.

Asked how it felt to be left out of the film, Aishwarya said, ‘Look, at a time when there is no explanation, you will definitely be completely frustrated, confused and hurt. You will be surprised at such a thing. '

Asked if he had ever asked Shah Rukh Khan about it, Bachchan's daughter-in-law said, "It's not in my nature." Aishwarya said, ‘If anyone thinks you can explain it, then give it. If they don’t, never make a wish. So, it's not my nature to ask him why and for what reason. '

In 2003, on an Indian TV channel, Shah Rukh Khan said, "The decision to remove someone who has no flaws from a project is very difficult. Aishwarya is sad as a good friend.

 Personally I think I made a mistake. But as a producer there was logic. But I have apologized to Aishwarya for this. '

Aishwarya and Shah Rukh Khan were last seen in the movie 'Aye Dil Hey Mushkil' in 2016. The central character of the film was Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. As a guest artist, Shah Rukh played the role of Aishwarya's ex-husband.


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