Pen* Is Basically The Type You Know


Gender is basically the type you know

There is a lot of truth, lies, speculations, and myths in the world about sex and genitals. This belief gives rise to many problems irrespective of men and women. However, there is a lack of accurate information about the real truth.

 At the same time, the British company medicare LTD conducted research on the type of male genitalia or penis in the world by testing on about 600 men.

Based on the test report, the agency said that there are seven types of male genitalia or penis. "There are basically seven shaped penises," said Darren Brin, managing director of medicare LTD.

 He made the decision after examining the penises of at least 400 to 600 men.

But at the same time, it has been said that comparisons should not be made between seven different types of penises. Because in this case, each is different. That is, there is no competition here.

 It should also be kept in mind that the size or shape of the genitals has nothing to do with long-lasting in bed. Two completely different things.

What are the sizes and names mentioned in the report?

1. Pencil - will be longer and narrower than.

2. Paperless in length, but thicker.

3. No - the cone-shaped surface is narrow. In this case, the foreskin will be stronger than.

4. Banana - much the same size as the banana (fruit). Light bending to the left or right. Good news if light bent! However, if it is bent too much, there may be a risk of erectile dysfunction. In that case, the advice of the concerned doctor should be taken.

5. Hammer --- The surface is much thicker than the bottom.

6. Sausage --- The most common type. Normal size in all respects.

7. Cucumber ---- The name suggests what kind! However, in terms of importance, it is also like sausage. Common sizes and dozens seen.

Note that the above names are taken from the report of medicare LTD. In no case has the name been changed.

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