I can die a hundred times once I see you


I can die a hundred times once I see you

Subject: I can die a hundred times once I see you

* Every person in the world is different, everyone's thoughts and consciousness are different. Every person's success and failure are also different. Some are happy to be a BCS cadre and some are happy to get a job in a village primary school.

- In fact, the calculation of success is different for each person. The measure of success depends on one's qualifications. Those of us who are involved in e-commerce is working on a product or service. Okay, after thinking for a while I would say what was the goal before the first cell? Of course, some profit with the first cell is the goal of those who are close to becoming millionaires. Again, those who have started the journey of becoming millionaires, to become millionaires.

“Then the same person, but why the goal is different. Success is also different for this goal. Success is never fixed. It is always moving forward. So success never ends.

"But one aspect of success we can judge is that DSB's first post and DSB's today's post are read side by side. Only then can you understand your own success.

- Success can never be measured. But it is understood. Before posting, I used to write in my notebook and post. And now, by the grace of God and the manipulation of Rajiv Sir, you don’t have to think before you post.

Alhamdulillah for this moment of mine while doing this post

Didn't stop. I didn't have to think about what to write. All the lines are being made one by one.

Aj Rajiv Sir's manipulation is successful. Only those of us who have been victims of Rajiv Sir's manipulation can say how much Sir Manipulation has changed his life.

Thanks, everyone.

I am your sister Rika

Tangail girl

Copy: Rifat Sultana Rika


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