I am alive with the touch of love

I am alive with the touch of love

(Fictional short story)

I am alive with the touch of love !!!

Love is lost, but love remains. When love hurts, we easily think of suicide. I can't accept the severance of many years of love with Nayana. Everything seems unbearable after losing my eyes! Not seeing Nayana on the sweet path of the village makes me suffer more and more all the time.

I can't find any meaning to live in the world without eyes. Everything seems like poison to relatives! I can't make eye contact with anyone except Nayana. But friends, it comforts me a lot. When people of love and affection are lost, they do not want to live in the world, but they have to live thinking of love. Love lasts forever.

A lot of times I think maybe I would have been better off if I had died. I can't erase the memory of Nayana from my mind in any way. I always remember the black dog's magical eyes. Then maybe I wouldn't have thought so much about love.

But is suicide the easiest way to forget the eyes? So that the pain of death will be the result of loving the eyes. But is the only way to get rid of the pain of life is to face death?

It has been two years now that Dibbi is happily living in Nayana Andhary's house. Nayana, you are happy and at peace, but I could not sleep properly for one night without thinking of you. It always feels like a pain in the chest for you to get up on the chest and hold me. In a word, eating and drinking has become haraam. I am in tension all day realizing that you are in a very difficult situation? I can't talk to anyone properly.

If a loved one hurts or neglects someone, then maybe people try to commit suicide? Be well, be happy, be at peace. Ignoring me, my love is trivial and you have gone far away, but I am really helpless without you, as if I am alive without Hnandaprind.

Our life was very beautiful, wasn't it? But why did you love me? Why did you show me sweet dreams? I have become destitute with all my love for you. Now that my survival has become very difficult. People just make mistakes, so how can you make such a big mistake by forgetting me and forgetting my love? But the lesson I have learned from this mistake is to get a lot bigger in my life. The neglect I received from you will really become history in the world for love.

I will always pray for your happiness in the court of Allah. I will pray for you till death, even if you are selfish, but I will never forget my love as selfish.

But if someone chooses the path of heinous crime called suicide for the people of love, then love will be insulted. You may be selfish but I am not like you. Because the world is still so beautiful because there is love. I am trying to forget the past and spend the rest of my life happily with my loved ones. I don't want to end my life with the pain of death !! I never want to waste time wandering behind the mirage again. You can forget the pure and true love but I want to be happy with that love till death. Because the happiness of living hard for the people of love is a lot of peace. Nayana you did not understand me you did not understand my holy love. I will always pray for my eyes and for my unrequited love.

- Md. Firoz Khan

New writer and journalist

Dhaka Bangladesh



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