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Eunuchs of the third sex will get an equal share of the parents' property


PM's directive: Eunuchs of the third sex will get an equal share of the parents' property

From now on, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has directed the concerned ministries to work towards ensuring that third gender (Hijra) people get equal share of their parents' property.

The Prime Minister gave the directive at a cabinet meeting on Monday. The meeting was chaired by the Prime Minister. He presided over the online meeting from Ganobhaban.

Cabinet Secretary at the end of the meeting. Khandaker Anwarul Islam told reporters, “From now on, the Prime Minister has given special instructions to ensure that the parents of the third sex (hijras) get equal share of the property.

 “We will see that they are not deprived of their parents’ property, ”he said. According to Muslim inheritance law, if a person is of the third sex, how can a person get a share of the land. However, in the case of other religions, it is not said that no one should be deprived of what the Prime Minister has instructed.

Besides, the cabinet secretary said that from now on, if anyone buys land, it will be registered automatically within eight days of registration. The cabinet has approved a proposal to coordinate land registration and naming activities. At present this activity has been started in 1 upazila. It will start across the country in a year. This will reduce the number of harassment and lawsuits.

Khandaker Anwarul Islam said the adjustment was made to alleviate the suffering by facilitating land registration and naming.

The cabinet secretary said the prime minister had earlier this year given instructions on how to make land registration and naming more comfortable. So that people are not harassed, it does not take time. The present system was completed from the Sub-Registrar's Office under the Ministry of Land Registration and Registration and the Upazila Circle Land Office under the Ministry of Land. Being under two ministries makes it difficult to get nominations all the time. Because of this there were delays and hesitation in registration. Anyone can register land.

Khandaker Anwarul Islam said from now on there will be an internal software between the Sub-Registrar's office and the Iceland office. Four crore 30 lakh records have gone online in all Icelandic offices in Bangladesh. From now on, the Sub-Registrar's Office and the Aceland Office will be able to access each other's servers. If the land goes to someone for registration, do not register it with the sub-registrar immediately. He will learn the Record of Rights statistics from the Aceland office.

‘So far both documents had to be done. From now on three documents have to be done. There will also be an additional Aceland office. Since Iceland is getting documents online and the land from him has been verified and registered. So Iceland needs nothing more. He will complete the transformation (namazari) by managing the software automatically. In this case, there is no need to call anyone. It has been given a maximum of eight days. But it will not take eight days. In these eight days, the name will be registered automatically. Work has already started in 17 upazilas, ”the cabinet secretary added.

Khandaker Anwarul Islam said many people register land, change it but do not record it. The record has to be made from now on. Iceland will be responsible for monthly reports on how many mutations have occurred and how many have been recorded. Otherwise there are problems with renting and there are many more problems.

In today's meeting, the Cabinet was informed about the 'Sustainable Development Goals: Bangladesh Progress Report-2020' and the establishment of a regional office of the Bangladesh Global Center on Adaptation.

Source / NTVBD.com

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