Egypt is France's foreign minister to win the hearts of the Muslim world

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Egypt is France's foreign minister to win the hearts of the Muslim world
Egypt is France's foreign minister to win the hearts of the Muslim world

Egypt is France's unfamiliar pastor to win the hearts of the Muslim world 

The animation discussion has started fights France in Muslim-lion's share nations. A few Arabian global areas have required a blacklist of French merchandise. 

French Foreign Minister Geneva Le Drian visited Egypt along with the objective with respect to facilitating pressures. 

"Our strategy is to show the best honor since Islam," that said... 

"Our strategy is to show the most noteworthy regard for Islam," he said. To show the most noteworthy regard to the Prophet Muhammad (harmony arrive). Muslims are additionally essential for French society. " 

The French Foreign Minister has met with the Egyptian President and Foreign Minister. After the gathering between the two unfamiliar priests, Le Drian stated, "French President Macro's comments have been misconstrued. We are being undermined by psychological oppressors. In our nation as well as somewhere else there is an endeavor to make craziness. Subsequently, the battle is the equivalent before everybody. 

The French Foreign Minister likewise met with Imam Sheik Ahmed Al-Tayeb of the Al-Azhar Mosque in Egypt. He isn't just the Imam of Al-Azhar Mosque yet additionally the head of Al-Azhar University. Many trusts it is the fundamental strict group of Sunni Muslims around the globe. Imam called Macro's comments "bigot and derisive" a month ago. 

Subsequent to meeting with the French Foreign Minister, Imam stated, "It isn't worthy to affront our Prophet (harmony arrive). Whoever affronts him, we will go to the worldwide court against him. We will spend the remainder of our lives doing that. " 

He additionally denounced illegal intimidation for the sake of religion. "There is an awful circumstance for illicit terrorizing in Islam," he said. Al-Azhar speaks to 200 million Muslims. That is to say, the assailants are not our delegates. We are not answerable for their activities. " 

The French new minister expressed: "There have been open discussions with the imam. "Where so is an agreement, we will task together," he said. 

Source: Deutsche Welle

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