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Diabetes control is important in eye care


Diabetes control is important in eye care

Diabetes control is important in eye care

The eye is a sensitive organ. There is a layer on the back of the inside of the eye. Its name is retina. It is a layer of nerves that are particularly sensitive to light.

Its job is to absorb the light rays incident inside the eye and create a kind of wave and send this special wave to the brain. The brain helps us see through these waves. Its structure is a little different. The blood vessels inside are very delicate - like those found in the brain, heart and kidneys.

These tiny blood vessels are very easily affected by diabetes. For the same reason, the eyes, brain, heart and kidneys are more affected by diabetes.

When blood sugar levels rise and this condition persists for a long time, a kind of change occurs in the blood vessels. For example, the blood vessels become narrow and obstruct the blood flow. Therefore, there is a deficiency of oxygen. In the long run, a kind of wound is created in the body of blood vessels. As a result, a kind of fragility occurs in the blood vessels.

This change in blood vessels is called retinopathy. There are other reasons for this. Diabetes is significant among them. In diabetic retinopathy, bleeding in the eye begins at some point and can lead to permanent blindness.

Danger once retinopathy begins. The first step is to try to prevent blindness due to diabetes, so that diabetes does not occur. If you are diagnosed with diabetes, you need to try to control it. Diabetes will affect the eyes - there is no reason to think so. In many cases,

 Even if you have diabetes for a long time, it is taking time to get infected with retinopathy. This means that the duration of infection is not the same for everyone. Retinopathy is usually seen in some cases after 10-12 years.

As time goes on, the prevalence of retinopathy in many people increases.

It appears that people with diabetes, high blood pressure, smoking, and those with uncontrolled diabetes have a higher risk of developing retinopathy.

 So if you want to stay away from retinopathy, you should avoid smoking and control diabetes and high blood pressure.

In addition to taking insulin or similar drugs to control diabetes, physical activity is more beneficial.

Since there is a risk of retinopathy even after controlling diabetes, the next task will be regular eye examinations. If at any time there are signs of retinopathy in the eye, it should be under the supervision of an ophthalmologist.

Laser treatment is possible in the early stages of retinopathy. Although retinopathy cannot be completely cured, much can be controlled. It is possible to prevent blindness for a long time.

So to avoid diabetic blindness, it is necessary to control diabetes through smoking, physical activity, exercise, planned eating habits.

Regular sugar levels should be measured to detect diabetes in the early stages. Check your eyes regularly if you have diabetes.

Author: Ophthalmologist and Surgeon 

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