Child health and superstition


Child health and superstition

Child health and superstition

Parents have different superstitions about baby food and medicine. Not only parents but relatives in general, the whole family is worried and anxious.

These superstitions or misconceptions hinder the development of the child. Worm medicine is usually given regularly to children over two years of age. However, if worms are found in the toilet of a child under 2 years of age with open eyes or stool examination, they can be fed.

If one member of the family has worms, other members of the family should also be affected. So it is better to treat all the members of the household during the treatment of worms in a child.

Many people think that worm medicine should not be given during hot weather. This is a misconception. Worm medicine can be fed at any time of the year, in any season.

There is no problem in feeding worm medicine to weak and sick children and malnourished children but these children should be dewormed as soon as possible.

Many people think that newborn hair is bad and cut it. However, it is not right to cut the hair before the child grows up. Again, many people think that if you shave frequently, your hair will thicken. In fact, if you eat nutritious food and take care of your hair, your hair will grow faster.

Many parents do not allow their children to eat sour or sour fruits easily as it will damage their brains. However, spicy foods contain a lot of vitamin-C, which increases the body's resistance to disease. Spicy foods play an effective role in various ways including healing skin wounds.


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