Barcelona returned to victory in La Liga


Barাa returned to victory in La Liga

Great in the Champions League. There is a winning trend. But in the domestic league faded, gray. Barcelona seemed to forget the taste of winning in La Liga. The last four matches have lost two and drawn two. Finally that drought is over. Barাa are back in La Liga with a win over Daputa. The Commonwealth beat Real Betis 5-2 on Saturday night.

Bar্সa dominated the home field New Camp. Substitute Messi showed surprise. After four matches, the whole Catalan camp was relieved with a great victory.

The match was frozen at the beginning of the attack-counter-attack. Barcelona lost two guaranteed chances in the first five minutes and two more in the next seven minutes. Only then will Bar নিশ্চিতa win for sure. But the more goal opportunities were wasted, the more the score could have been richer.

Usman Dembele put Bar্সa ahead with a great goal in the 22nd minute after all the great attacks were thwarted. The French winger wrapped the ball in the net with a strong shot from the left foot, evading the front defender in a small blow in the D-box.

Bar্সa got a penalty in the 31st minute. If Fati is the victim of a foul, the referee will play the penalty. But Griezmann failed to take a penalty kick in Messi's absence. Goalkeeper Claudio Bravo blocked his weak shot. Betis (1-1) returned to the match with a goal from Ulto Sanbria in the extra time of the first half. Griezmann finally found the net in the fourth minute of the second half. Messi made an important contribution without saying a word. Barca got a penalty again in the 61st minute. Betis defender Aisa Mandi left the field after seeing Dembele's shot back from the goal line. Messi scored the spot kick.

Betis scored the second goal in the 63rd minute. Garcia scored the goal. Frozen fight (3-2). Messi scored the first goal of the season without a penalty in the 72nd minute. Barca went ahead 4-1. The 18-year-old Pedri effortlessly entered the scoreline in the last minute of the allotted time. This is the young Spanish forward's first goal in La Liga. Barcelona left the field with a big victory of 5-2 goals.

Barcelona are eighth with 11 points from three wins and two draws in seven matches. Betis at number seven with 1 point more. Real Sociedad is at the top with 18 points in eight matches. Real played one match less in two with 1 point less.


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