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10 directions for a wife whose husband lives abroad


10 directions for a wife whose husband lives abroad

10 guidelines for a wife whose husband lives abroad

Question: What is the punishment if the husband commits adultery while the wife is abroad? In this case, how will he protect himself from adultery and wickedness?


In the eyes of Islam, adultery and fornication are extremely sinful, punishable crimes, and heinous acts. Jinnah's punishment is the harshest in Islam. And that is, if a married person is involved in adultery, if the crime is proved in court subject to proper evidence or confession, the adulterous person will be stoned to death and if unmarried a hundred beatings and one year of exile (currently in prison).

So whether the husband is at home or abroad, if the wife is involved in adultery, she will be considered a sinner as well as a punishable offender. The same applies to expatriate men.

10 directions to wife while husband is abroad:

Here are 10 guidelines for wife while husband is abroad:

 1) If the wife fears that she will not be able to control herself in the absence of her husband or will be involved in adultery and wickedness, then according to the Shari'ah, the husband demands that she either take him abroad or leave him alone and refrain from traveling abroad. Because one of the purposes of marriage is to protect one's self-esteem and to protect oneself from sin.

2) If the husband ignores the wife's demands or prohibitions and goes abroad for earning money, then 'public divorce' is allowed for the wife. Because it undermines one of the main purposes of marriage and harms faith and character.

3) If that is not possible, be patient, fast regularly and engage yourself in worship, recitation of the Qur'an, acquisition of knowledge, worldly and other useful activities.

 4) Maintain regular contact with your husband through phone, internet etc. as much as possible.

5) Stay away from dramas, movies, music, pornography and bad company. Because they ignite the fire of evil instincts and desires in people's minds.

6) In order to maintain the purity of character and mental purity, an unknown and non-mahram person - especially the husband or his own non-mahram men such as: brother-in-law, sister-in-law, uncle, cousin, cousin, brother-in-law, cousin, etc. do not give them in secret. And don't meet. If you have to talk to them, talk behind the scenes and avoid soft voices.

7) Stay away from all non-mahram people including laughter, mischief, touch and unnecessary glimpses, conversations, phone conversations, written or video chats etc. because Satan takes this opportunity to sow discord between the two.

8) It is better for the wife not to live alone in exile (the apostle) in order to escape the persecution of the devil's conspiracy and evil instincts. So try to keep up with the kids. If it is not possible to have children, it is better to stay with close relatives of mother, sister, niece, niece, niece, nephew, mother-in-law, etc.

 9) Full screen will protect if you need to go out in case of need.

 In this case, the use of perfumes and decorations must be kept away from the exhibition.

10) Above all, fear Allah and remember the torment of Hell, and live a righteous life away from temptation.

May Allah protect every man and woman from evil. Amen.


Abdullah Hadi bin Abdul Jalil Rah

fb id: Abdullah Hilhadi

Jubail Dawah Center, Saudi Arabia

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