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Polly arthritis is one type of arthritis for "Cikungunya"!!!!

চিকুনগুনিয়া হলে কি কি সমস্যা হতে পারে ও এর চিকিৎসা...:

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New diseases from Chikungunya Polyarthritis: Polly arthritis is one type of arthritis that can occur in people of all ages. 

Together, a total of 5 joint tissue pains in the body can be understood to cause polyarthritis. Know the signs and symptoms of polyarthritis 

- a major cause of polyarthritis can be caused by the effects of chikungunya. chikungunya fever, polyarthritis. Also, this may be due to some viral infections. Pally arthritis results in acute pain in the knot. This results in weight loss and fever. Different types of rashes can be seen in the body and treatment of throat pain should be absently treated, although poly-arthritis is not properly treated, 

polyarthritis is treated with other symptoms. Polly arthritis results in unbearable pain in the knot. For this, pain reduction medicine and anti-inflammatory medicine, and supplements help to reduce the pain. Also, hot filters help reduce the intense pain of the bath. Build a habit of practicing domestic exercise from the beginning of swimming to fight it badly. The incidence of this disease will decrease.-Source: Health Line

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