What to do with rough hand care at the end of the day’s work

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What to do with rough hand care at the end of the day’s work

Hands are one of the most important organs in our body. I do all the housework by hand starting from work.

But when you look at your hands at the end of the day, you find them rough and sensitive. I will tell you why the hand is like that and how to make the hand beautiful and smooth.

Reasons for dry and sensitive hands:

Hands are not protected from the sun. Like your face and body, both your hands need protection from the sun. Otherwise the signs of aging appear quickly.

Take care of your hands too
Take care of your hands too. Photo: Collected
Many times various heavy work is done by hand. Also if doing things like hand washing and scrubbing is a part of the daily routine, the hands get dry quickly.

If chemicals such as soaps and detergents come in frequent contact with the hands, they absorb the moisture in the hands. As a result, the hands become rough and stiff.

How to protect your hands from dryness and roughness:

Rough hands are not only your own discomfort, but also attract the attention of others. But the hope is that with the help of some skincare tips you can easily make your hands beautiful and smooth.

1. Take sunscreen not only on the face but also on your hands and fingers. This will keep your hands moist for a long time.

Take care of the hands as well as the skin of the face
Take care of the hands as well as the skin of the face. Photo: Collected
2. Avoid using soaps that leave your hands dry. If you need to wash your hands more than once a day for various reasons, choose additive soaps to keep your hands moisturized and hydrated.

3. Use gloves to work. Since many tasks such as washing dishes and wiping the floor cannot be avoided, wear gloves before doing these. Gloves prevent contact with cleaners and chemicals on the hands.

4. Apply hand cream on your hands after work. Add hand cream at night to nourish the hands as a last step in hand care.

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