Use tea leaves to brighten hair and brighten body

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Use tea leaves to brighten hair and brighten body

In addition to keeping the body strong, tea plays a significant role in enhancing the beauty of the skin and hair. The need for tea to reduce wrinkles and age impressions and to make hair bright and glamorous is irreplaceable.

According to a report published on a beauty website, many people get age marks and wrinkles on their skin before age. The above can be found by using cold tea leaf bags on the skin to reduce this problem. As it tightens the skin around the eyes, it is the easiest way to reduce wrinkles. Good results can be obtained by following this method after waking up in the morning.

Many people get swelling around the eyes after waking up in the morning. Use cold tea bags to solve this problem and reduce the impression of age around the eyes. It tightens the skin around the eyes and its anti-inflammatory ingredients and mild caffeine help reduce eye puffiness.

‘Black Tea’ brings natural color to hair. After bathing, wash your hair with cold tea leaves, it makes the hair black and shiny. If you want you can increase the hair color by adding henna. Black tea is rich in antioxidants that protect against exposed radicals and help flush out toxins. Using ‘Black Tea’ on the spots helps to reduce the spots. Care should be taken before use so that it does not get hot, it will damage the skin. The tea bag is to be used on the skin after cooling.

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