Revealed ‘Nayla Naeem The Queen of Controversy-1



Revealed ‘Nayla Naeem The Queen of Controversy-1
Revealed ‘Nayla Naeem The Queen of Controversy-1

Revealed ‘Nayla Naeem The Queen of Controversy-1’

The book is about popular model-actress Nayla Naeem. Its name is ‘Nayla Naeem The Queen of Controversy Part One’. The package was unveiled at the Culture Development Center building at Paribagh in the capital yesterday. Nayla Naeem, author of the book Ahmed Sabbir, photographer Abu Nasser and many others were present at the time.

It was informed at the unveiling ceremony that the book is a biography of Nayla Naeem and the first volume. It is published by the author.

The author of the book, Ahmed Sabbir, said, “Even though the book is called Nayla Naeem’s biography, her whole life has not come up here. Rather it can be called “partial biography”. Here is his professional life, personal life relationship, a little bit past. The work of writing it started from September 2016 to January 2019. ‘

Nayla Naeem said, “When Ahmed Sabbir contacted me about the book, I took time from him. Then I inquired about him, then I allowed Ahmed Sabbir to write. Gradually its work progressed. Every day I would say, he would record. He would show it to me when it was written. Seeing the writing on the first day, I was overwhelmed that writing can be so beautiful! The thing that I didn’t say completely is beautiful. ‘

It is known that there is a greeting message written by Nayla Naeem on the first page of the book. Nayla Naeem The Queen of Controversy-1 arranged in 20 chapters.

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