Find out what the rules and science of wife semen consumption say about this. Do you know what changes happen in the body of girls when boys play with semen?

গোপন সমস্যা সমাধান


Some of the reasons for eating human semen are romantic gratification, physical benefits and spirituality. Some women have infertility, miscarriage and stillbirth due to antibodies in their body. Through oral sex and semen consumption, women remain in the idea of ​​his partner

No scientific study has been conducted on whether semen consumption has any effect on women’s depression.

Let’s not know.

There is no risk for women to consume the semen of a healthy man. There is no risk in ejaculation other than the risk of oral sex. Oral sex carries a risk of some sexually transmitted infections such as HPV or herpes

Average ejaculation (3.4 ml) contains many nutrients such as zinc, calcium and potassium as well as vitamin B12. Limited studies have shown the health of semen consumption.

Some women have infertility, miscarriage and stillbirth due to antibodies in their body. Through oral sex and semen consumption, women consume their partner’s antigen which helps in a safer and more successful pregnancy.

The semen of the boys cannot or should not be actually eaten. Blue heroines do it to expose a lot in blue pictures because making blue pictures is very competitive.

 The more interesting and moving the subject, the more hits will be made. So these images are usually seen in blue pictures. In addition, if a girl drinks a man’s semen, she is not likely to get pregnant.

If the man whose semen is being drunk has a sexually transmitted disease or if he is living an unclean life, then various sexually transmitted diseases can even lead to oral cancer. Overall, it is wise to prevent sexually transmitted diseases or cancer.

Religious prohibitions have discouraged such acts and oral sex. Almost everyone called it unusual and inappropriate.

Although there is disagreement among doctors. Very few doctors say that there is no harm in this as semen contains protein but this amount of protein does not benefit the human body.

But we as the best creatures of creation have to understand the whole thing ourselves. Because, nowadays, when you open the page of a magazine, you can see that the famous and expensive movie stars of the world have been affected by all kinds of deadly cancers. At least we should learn from them.

Also semen is a kind of unclean water. And unclean things are included in the forbidden, so eating should never be.

If you want to eat, you can eat everything. It is indicative of tasteless eating. Also it must be avoided. First, it is perverted sex. Second, it spreads the STD or sexually transmitted germs most easily and quickly.

Because, going straight to the stomach. Then from there directly into the blood. All the information that is seen in Western or similar countries is fake and purely business oriented. The tailed fox wants those who have tails to be cut as well. Religious scholars say it is forbidden.

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