What to do on Basar night, how to perform Basar night according to Islamic rules,

What to do on Basar night, how to perform Basar night according to Islamic rules,

 What do you do at night to have a baby?

If you don't know what to do on Basar night to get a baby, then by reading this post today, know in detail how and what to do on Basar night to get a baby or it is possible to have a baby. Because it is very important for you to have a detailed understanding of how to pass Basr night by maintaining any processes, i.e. by following the rules you can become a father after Basr night. So let's talk about what to do at night to have a baby.

So far you have been reading the headlines about what you do at night to have a baby, now let's read it in detail. Now know what to do at Basar night to get baby in your wife's womb. Basar gives birth through sexual intercourse at night.

Since you have asked the question of what to do at Basar night, then I am giving you the answer. But since it is a matter of whole life, take a decision after thinking a little. You and your wife must discuss the night after which you plan to have a baby.

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There are many men who have been living for a long time or going through the bachelor life and have made many wrong moves in the last night when they could not stop the sexual excitement. But it's not right and you may regret it for the rest of your life. Now find out if you do this on Basar night, your wife will give birth to a baby.

In the opinion of both husband and wife, when there is sexual intercourse or physical or physical intercourse, if the sperm of the male enters the egg of the female as a result of the intercourse, a child is born in the womb of a girl. A boy's sperm penetrates a girl's egg, but a baby is born in a girl's womb. And if you don't want to, don't have a baby at night.

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And if you can't stop your sexual excitement. If you have intercourse by using protection or a condom, your sperm will not enter your wife's vagina or ovum. As a result, no child will be born in your wife's womb.

So if you want to have children after a few years then definitely cohabit with your wife by using condoms. So I hope you know what to do at night to have a baby.

What do you do at night to not have a baby?

By reading the information above, I hope you know what you do at night to have a baby. So now know the detailed discussion about what to do at Basar night so that you don't have a baby. If you want to have a baby after one to two years of marriage, then you must use a condom as protection before having sex at night.

Because using a condom, the semen that comes out of your penis as a result of sexual friction will not enter your wife's vagina. And no baby is born in your wife's womb by not entering the semen. You may know that a girl is born when a man's sperm enters a girl's egg.

So you can use a condom to block your sperm. So I hope you know what you did last night about not having a baby. So now know what to do on Basar night.

What to do at night

Know in detail what to do on Basar night. Marriage is a sacred life between a man and a woman. And if you can arrange this life according to Islamic rules or according to Allah's rules, your married life will be happy. Also, if you can spend the first night tie according to the rules of Islam, then your life after marriage will become very beautiful and happy inshallah. 

So by reading this post, now know what to do on the first night or Basr night after marriage according to Islamic rules. After entering the house, if you see your wife sitting on the bed, give her a salam. And take the opinion of your wife and order her let us pray two rakat nafal. If your wife agrees then pray two rakat nafal with her.

After performing the prayer, remember Allah Taala through prayer while sitting in prayer. And what do you want in your married life? Reveal all those requests to Allah. Because if you ask Allah for something while sitting in prayer, He does not hesitate. I will then finish your prayers. 

Place your hand on your wife's head and recite the following dua after reciting and blow on her head. Because the Prophet said to recite this dua and even gave a very important discussion about this dua. Also, this prayer is very important. So definitely recite this verse on Basar night with your hands on your wife's head. Then tell your wife in detail about yourself or your family. 

And you, as a husband, let your wife know what you want from her. And give him some words of advice. After finishing all the instructional talks, you can do the rest of the tasks. But keep in mind that Basar night is the night of union. 

What you teach your wife this night she will remember for the rest of her life. Because girls can never forget Basar night. So definitely try to give honest lessons to your wife on the first night. So I hope you know by now what to do on Basar night.

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