Velvet Apple Fruit Benefits and Nutrition, Velvet Apple How to eat the fruit, qualities of desi gab

Benefits of Velvet Apple, benefits of Velvet Apple fruit

Velvet Apple or Bilati Velvet Apple is a delicious and sweet fruit. Velvet Apple is known to all of us. The tree is already grown in the streets or gardens of villages.

Velvet Apple is a well-known native fruit. It is a delicious, sweet and juicy fruit. Velvet Apple fruit is very common in appearance but not at all in nutritional value and taste. Rather, it has more nutritional value than other expensive fruits. These nutritional properties of Velvet Apple protect our body from various diseases.

English Name:Also called velvet apple, velvet persimmon, kamagong, or mabolo tree.

scientific name Diospyros discolor বা Diospyros blancoi


Velvet Apple trees can grow up to 35 meters tall. Its trunk is black, with a diameter of 70 cm. can be up to Its color is dark red when ripe.

The surface of the shell is velvety. The inside of the fruit is soft, with a creamy white or pink skin. The taste and aroma is very similar to a peach. These apple-sized fruits are round. It is about 3-4 inches long and 2-4 inches in diameter and weighs from 100 grams to 500 grams.

Benefits of Velvet Apple plant, benefits of Velvet Apple

nutritional value

Per 100 grams of edible Velvet Apple contains 504 kcal of dietary energy, 83 to 84 grams of water content,

2.8 g meat, 0.2 g fat, 11.88 g sugar, 1.8 g dietary fiber, 11.47 g sugar, 46 mg calcium,

35 IU vitamin-A, 18 mg phosphorus, 0.6 mg iron, 0.2 mg thiamine,

18 mg vitamin-C, 110 mg sodium, 303 mg potassium. These nutritional properties of Velvet Apple protect our body from various diseases.

Health benefits of Velvet Apple fruit, as many benefits of Velvet Apple

Benefits of Velvet Apple

Velvet Apple has many health benefits. Know the benefits of desi Velvet Apple fruit-

Reduces physical weakness

Due to its high nutritional value, Velvet Apple reduces physical weakness. Calcium in Velvet Apple makes bones strong.

Guava also plays an important role in controlling blood pressure and diabetes.

Cow to lose weight

People who have problems with weight should eat Velvet Apple. Velvet Apple works very well in reducing excess weight.

Reduces the risk of cancer

Due to its high fiber content, it relieves constipation. It reduces the risk of various intestinal diseases and colon cancer.

Cow in the treatment of heart disease

The anti-oxidants present in Velvet Applea keep the blood circulation of our heart normal. As a result, we are free from the risk of heart disease and can lead a normal life.

Boosts Immunity: Guava is rich in vitamin 'C' and 'A'. These are antioxidant boosts

Increases the immunity of the body by reducing harmful radicals for the skin.

These two vitamins are anti-aging, effective in preventing complex diseases and healthy skin.

Nutritional properties and medicinal benefits of Velvet Apple

Improves blood circulation

The iron present in Velvet Apple promotes the development of red blood cells in the body. Increases oxygen flow to vital body tissues.

It also improves muscle building, hair growth and digestion.

Reduces Hypertension: Improves blood circulation due to high potassium content. It maintains blood flow in the body

Reduces stress on the cardiovascular system and even helps lower blood pressure. The fiber in it reduces cholesterol in the body.

Also helps reduce blood pressure, risk of heart attack and stroke.

What are the benefits of desi Velvet Apple fruit?

Aids in digestion

Due to its high fiber content, it also helps in improving digestion, relieving constipation and other gastric problems.

skin care

Eating Velvet Apple or using cosmetic products made from it reduces inflammation of the skin.

Velvet Applea provides relief from colds and coughs, prevents blood clots in the chest and relieves asthma.

It improves the immune system due to its high content of vitamins and minerals.

Bark of Velvet Apple tree is very useful in dysentery and stomach ailments.

finally : Velvet Apple fruit benefits and nutritional value

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