benefits and harms of eating pomegranates, benefits of eating pomegranates

benefits and harms of eating pomegranates, benefits of eating pomegranates

Benefits of eating pomegranate

Currants, pineapples or pomegranates are pretty much everyone's favorite fruits. Apart from eating pomegranate seeds, you can also eat its juice. Because pomegranate juice is also very beneficial. Eating pomegranate regularly has many benefits for the body. It is a fruit tree belonging to the genus Punica in the Lythraceae family.

Scientific name: Punica granatum

English name: pomegranate

Nutritional value of pomegranate

78% water, 1.5% fat, 0.1% fat, 5.1% fiber, 14.5% carbohydrates, 0.7% minerals, 10mg calcium, 12mg magnesium, 14mg oxalic acid per 100g of pomegranate , contains 70 mg phosphorus, 0.3 mg riboflavin, 0.3 mg niacin, 14 mg vitamin C etc.

Nutritional properties and benefits of pomegranate

To reduce blood pressure:

Pomegranate helps lower blood pressure. If you are suffering from high blood pressure then your blood pressure will be normal in just two weeks of regular consumption of pomegranate.

Boosts immunity:

Pomegranate is rich in Vitamin A and Vitamin C which boosts the immune system. Eating pomegranate regularly will keep the body healthy and fresh.

To increase libido:

A daily glass of pomegranate juice helps in boosting the hormones required for sexual performance in both men and women.

Keeps heart healthy:

Pomegranate juice helps deliver oxygen to the muscles quickly. Consuming currant juice on a regular basis helps to keep the fatty layers of the arteries clean by melting them. Antioxidants in currants help control blood cholesterol. So if you eat one pomegranate every day, it is possible to get rid of thousands of heart problems.

Benefits of pomegranate seeds, benefits of eating pineapple

Arthritis and joint pain relief:

Pomegranate benefits arthritis. It also helps relieve joint pain.

Improves Memory:

Pomegranate helps improve memory.

To increase hemoglobin:

Pomegranate rich in iron, calcium, sugars and fiber (fiber) keeps the blood circulation in the body active by increasing the hemoglobin in the blood.


Pomegranate or Currant juice is very beneficial food to prevent cancer. Studies have shown that currant juice helps prevent skin cancer and prostate cancer.


Pomegranate builds immunity against bacterial infections in the body. Besides, it plays a role against fungal infection.

Benefits and harms of pomegranate, harms of pomegranate

Relieves colds and coughs:

Pomegranate contains potassium and fiber which helps in keeping the immune system strong. So pomegranate juice can be used as a medicine to prevent colds.

To cure dysentery:

Pomegranate peel to cure dysentery. Those suffering from dysentery, if they consume boiled pomegranate peel, they get full results in curing dysentery. Both raw and dry pomegranate peels are effective in treating dysentery. Therefore, it is better to dry the pomegranate and keep it at home instead of throwing away the peel.

To cure miscarriage:

Pomegranate leaves mixed with honey and curd and consumed together will remove the fear of miscarriage.

To remove creaminess:

If the bark is taken from the roots or roots of the pomegranate tree and mixed with lime water and consumed, creminash is easily produced. 1-3 grams should be prescribed depending on the age.

finally : Benefits of eating pomegranate, nutritional value and benefits of pomegranate

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