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It’s been a few years of marriage. Thinking of having a baby now. Tried accordingly. Period not yet. But the mind wants to know all the time, will it happen now? How to know if you are pregnant?


Let’s know how to understand that you are pregnant by seeing 10 signs of pregnancy before taking a pregnancy test

10 signs of pregnancy

  1. Breasts are large, heavy and tender: Hormones change in your body when the fetus is in your womb. Your breasts hurt. Also heavy and touchy. Wakes up with a light touch. Something that gives you an early signal, you are pregnant.
  2. Increased appetite and aversion: If you are pregnant, your appetite will increase. After a while you will feel hungry. At the same time there will be aversion to food. Many of your favorite foods will also taste like poison.
  3. Fatigue: If you are pregnant, you will feel tired throughout the day for no reason. In fact, no one has yet been able to explain what causes early fatigue in expectant mothers. Perhaps the increased flow of progesterone hormone is giving you this sleepy feeling. Morning sickness and frequent urination are also contributing to your fatigue.
  4. Elevated body temperature: Your body temperature will be higher than normal when you are pregnant. If you keep a regular body temperature chart, and if you see more than 18 days in a row that the temperature is above normal, then it is very likely that you are pregnant.
  5. Bleeding, pain and cramping: Your uterus will begin to grow as the fetus moves into the abdomen. So your stomach will tighten and stomach ache. Light bleeding or cramping pain in the abdomen before certain days of period start are also signs of pregnancy. This can happen during the first five to ten days after embryo transfer. Many people think that the period has started when there is bleeding, but this time it did not happen. But that is not the case at all.
  6. Nausea, Nausea: Abdominal discomfort, nausea are pregnancy symptoms during the first few weeks of pregnancy. When the progesterone hormone increases in the body, the stomach becomes upset. On the other hand, under the influence of estrogen and hCG hormones, even mild odors seem very strong. Sometimes vomiting. If this is the case, definitely do a pregnancy test.
  7. Frequent urination: Frequent urination may occur during the first few weeks of pregnancy. The newly produced hCG hormone in the body increases blood circulation to the kidneys. As the uterus grows, it puts pressure on the bladder. The result is frequent urination.
  8. Dry throat: Watery throat, puffy eyes, wheezing, difficulty buttoning jeans can be signs of pregnancy.
  9. Mood Upheaval: Mood changes during pregnancy. Due to hormonal changes in the pregnant mother’s body at this time, there is a change in the amount of neurotransmitters that carry messages inside the brain. This change varies from person to person. Most likely the mother feels quite emotional during this time, while many suffer from depression/anxiety during this time.
  10. Abdominal Bloating: Hormonal changes can cause a pregnant mother to feel bloated. It’s more of a pre-menstrual feeling. At this time you may feel that the clothes you are wearing are getting smaller around the waist, even though your uterus has not changed much so far.

If your period follows a regular cycle and you don’t get your period at the right time, you can consider doing a home pregnancy test even if you don’t have any of the above symptoms. But if your period is irregular, then you will know if you are pregnant by looking at 10 signs of pregnancy.

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