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Foods that increase stress

Foods that increase stress

Stress is one of the main causes of various physical ailments. If you are under stress for a long time, it affects the body and our daily life. These foods should not be added to the food list if you want to stay away from stress.

First of all, reduce your sugar intake. It acts as one of the reasons for increasing stress. Excess sugar increases the secretion of a hormone called cortisol. This reduces sleep. It also increases headaches and the urge to eat unhealthy foods.

Do not eat processed carbohydrates.

Excess caffeine can increase stress. Try to get used to a cup of tea or coffee a day.

Do not eat white or refined flour. As it increases the amount of sugar in the blood, it also increases stress.

Do not eat excess salt. It raises blood pressure. The result is instability.

Do not eat processed meat. It contains a lot of sodium which reduces energy and increases stress.

Avoid deep-fried foods as much as possible.

Information: Times of India


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