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Foods that cannot be eaten during pregnancy

Foods that cannot be eaten during pregnancy

Pregnancy during pregnancy requires extra care. Doctors recommend eating nutritious food at now .

In addition to eating nutritious food, certain foods should be avoided. Because no matter the mother eats features an immediate effect on the child . So you would like to consult a doctor before eating anything.

Let's determine what foods you need to not eat during pregnancy-

1. food should not be eaten during pregnancy. If you get sick after eating food , you've to need medicine, which may have an impression on the fetus. So don't eat street food, junk food.

2. If you drink plenty of alcohol, problems can occur. Neither smoking nor alcohol should be taken at now . Excess dopamine hormone secretion harms the baby during now .

3. Pregnant mothers shouldn't eat sharks, swordfish, tuna, cavalla and tile fish.

4. Raw sprouts are a very healthy food. However, uncooked sprouts aren't good for pregnant women. Raw sprouts may contain bacteria. It are often removed after cooking.

5. Avoid oily foods. this is often actually because it contains high amounts of salt, sugar and far of preservative chemicals, which can affect pregnant women and babies. So you need to eat fresh foods and increase the number of calcium and iron.


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