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Girls have various problems due to smaller than normal breasts. Such as not being able to satisfy her husband, not being able to dress as she pleases, not feeling beautiful like other girls, always worrying about her breasts etc. But you can naturally enlarge your breasts if you wish, in which case surgery is not required. Normal or big breasts make girls sexually attractive and all kinds of clothes look very attractive. Usually when the size of the breast is 34-36, girls find it very attractive. However, many breasts are very small in size. This method is mainly for those girls whose breast size is below 34-36. The following are some of the ways to enlarge breasts naturally:

1. Breast massage is very useful as a way to enlarge the breasts. With regular massage of the breasts, it gradually gets bigger. Breasts get bigger (for married people) even if they have regular sex. But at this time you have to keep an eye on your orgasm. You have to keep trying to have sex for a long time and try to be completely satisfied with sex. You need to keep yourself physically and mentally active. This will increase the number of hormones in the body which will help in enlarging your breasts. If you want, you can use a small amount of olive oil, mustard oil or pure honey by warming it lightly during breast massage.

2. Remember that with age and health, your breasts will get bigger. Without worrying ahead of time, if you give yourself some time, if you grow old, you can grow naturally in the future. There are also some exercises for the chest such as: 1, bookdown, 2, bench press. In addition, you do not need any instrument to do all these exercises, you can do it with empty hands.

3. During sex, tell your husband or partner to give equal importance to both breasts. Make sure she doesn’t have a breast all the time. Encourage your husband or partner to massage both breasts evenly.

4. You can do different exercises to make the breasts smaller or bigger. There are some special exercises for girls breasts that are: Bookdon, Bench Press, Butterfly Press, etc. Regular exercise should increase blood flow to the breast tissue. Then the chest muscles will come in the right shape and will make your breasts smooth and attractive. This will work somewhat in the way bodybuilders tend to increase muscle mass, but in the case of girls doing these exercises will make the figure slimmer. Extend both hands several times a day and do it again. This is a very effective exercise.

5. While bathing every day, gently massage around the breasts with your hands for 8/10 minutes. If your body is slim or slim, then increase the list of balanced diet for 3/4 months, then the body will be fine and the breasts will be well-formed. Usually you will benefit from eating more milk, eggs, fruits and try to stay worry free. Remember that as the body grows, so will your breasts. Getting proper sleep is one of the most important steps you can take to begin the process of preparation for mediation. You have to use the right size bra, very tight bra and not too loose, wear normal size bra.

. Keep on massaging regularly, you can do it with empty hands. However, when you wake up in the morning and before going to sleep, massage around for 8-10 minutes. During this time, you can use a small amount of olive oil, mustard oil or pure honey. Within a month, your breast size may increase slightly.

. Stop using breast enlarging or enlarging creams. Because this type of cream usually does not work. Also do not use any kind of pill to enlarge the breasts on someone’s advice. These have side effects that can lead to breast cancer. Naturally, you should be happy with the size of your breasts.

. Wear tight clothing and wear the right cup size bra. There are breast implant surgeries for breast augmentation but it is better not to do it as it is not practical and this procedure is very expensive. This method is mainly used by girls in foreign countries.

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