, how to easily give a woman a taste of orgasm, someinteresting information about orgasm, rules of orgasm for girls


, how to easily give a woman a taste of orgasm, someinteresting information about orgasm, rules of orgasm for girls

Men’s ideas about girls’ orgasms are not always correct. Orgasm does not occur just by having intercourse or touching the genitals. And how do girls orgasm?

First of all, good girls have two types of sexual pleasure. First of all, a kind of euphoria is caused by the injury of the penis in the uterus of girls during intercourse. This is mainly considered as orgasm.

But girls have a different kind of pleasure and that orgasm is the reason for the strong insanity in the body of girls. The main source of this orgasm is not in the clitoris, but in the G-spot just below the clitoris.

The pleasure of this second type of orgasm is greater than the pleasure of penetration. This type of orgasm can be done without intercourse. How do girls enjoy this orgasm without intercourse? Here are 7 ways to:

1) This type of orgasm can occur if only the two nipples are gently touched or if the nipple is pressed a little with the finger.

2) Not inside the vagina, the inner part of the valve with a little rubbing with the finger can cause this orgasm.

3) This is the second type of orgasm in girls, even if the penis is rubbed well and in the clitoris.

4) A lot of the time just talking dirty but girls can have this orgasm.

5) Many girls feel orgasmic while watching porn.

6) Many girls feel this even if they gently bite on a special part of the body.

6) This feeling occurs in many cases even if the male partner massages the buttocks.

Ah! Uh! Aaaaaaa!

Orgasm is a moment of ultimate love in the last phase of sex. But, what is supposed to be an orgasm, is it true at all? Nah, the survey says, even if she doesn’t have an orgasm, a lot of men and women do her drama. A survey report was recently published in the journal Sexual and Relationship Therapy. Information that is going to be known from there.


How to easily give a woman a taste of orgasm []. Orgasm may seem like a straightforward task, but if you don’t know the art of it, no matter how big your penis is, or how long you can have sex, your wife will not be satisfied, and she will musterbate herself.

If you want to have an orgasm very fast, watch the full video below. How to give a woman a taste of orgasm very easily . According to two researchers, many topics in embryology, physiology and psychology are avoided in modern sex textbooks. For the past 15 years, talking about the female genitals has been referred to as the ‘inner clitoris’. But no book gives a detailed explanation. But this thing does not exist. Because the whole clitoris is an external organ, just like the male genitalia. But his position on women is not outward, Vincenzo said.

Dr. Geolia said that sex experts often refer to this organ as the ‘clitoris valve’. But it should be called ‘vestibular bulbs’. During sex, that part of the woman becomes aroused which is called ‘clitorus complex’. But it is better to call it ‘female penis’.

The poison that spontaneously separates women more than men is the female genitalia, i.e. the vagina. The male penis is extroverted but the female does not have the sexual penis, but the female genitalia is the vagina. It is through this vagina that women have sexual intercourse with men. The vagina becomes slippery during sexual arousal. Because during sexual arousal, fluid starts to flow from the genitals of women.

What is orgasm? How does this happen?

The sudden discharge of sexual arousal stored during the sexual response cycle results in rhythmic muscular contractions of the pelvic region characterized by sexual pleasure.

That is, the end result of sexual intercourse is extreme pleasure. This condition is called orgasm. In the case of men, ejaculation or ejaculation is achieved through ejaculation.

Male Orgasm

Orgasm of a man means that ejaculation or ejaculation is achieved by ejaculation just before ejaculation. That condition is called orgasm.

Orgasm of girls

In the case of girls, the issue is completely different. Girls enjoy their sexuality with complete mentality. They do not ejaculate like boys. There is no special ejaculation or ejaculation like ejaculation.

Rules for girls to orgasm

How to easily make a woman taste orgasm [Video] 1 If you can’t orgasm your wife through normal sex then there are many small sex toys available in the market now that you can easily orgasm your wife while having sex with her. You can do it. If the wife is not satisfied with sex, then he becomes addicted to other men. That’s why you can buy sextoy yourself and fall on top of the condom and have an orgasm very easily. It can cost from a maximum of twelve hundred rupees to two thousand rupees to buy these.

Take such a sextoy secretly from AliExpress and surprise your wife. Remember that these women are dissatisfied with their sex life and should arrange an orgasm for them.

The female’s normal size is 9 cm, about three and a half inches. However, it changes at different times, such as during sexual intercourse, during childbirth and even during masturbation or masturbation. There are about thirty types of Kaushik bananas in the female genitalia. These are deep and it can withstand the pressure of sex during intercourse. Lactic acid is usually secreted from the female genitalia. Call it sex juice or meow Kass is called. It is a type of sexual stimulant fluid.

In the final stages of a woman’s sexual arousal, this fluid can flow out of the female genitalia. The other internal genitalia of female are uterus, pelvis, ovary etc. The uterus is the most important part of a woman’s sexual life. At the same time it is important. The ovaries are the most important genitals in a woman’s sexual life. After sexual intercourse, the semen secreted by the male penis accumulates in the ovary in the female ovary and is then passed through the fallopian tube to the superficial part of the oviduct. It is an organ associated with the fallopian tube. This is the internal genitalia of a woman. By which the sex life of a woman is completed.

External genitalia of women

Outside of other organs, females have more distinct genitals than males. First of all it is the breast. In addition to enhancing the femininity of a woman’s breasts at the same time, it plays a special role in sexual life and during motherhood. The femininity of a woman is fully manifested with the development of her breasts. Men do not have breasts like women but men are also attracted or aroused by the touch of breasts. Women’s breasts play a major role in sexual life. By touching the breasts, women reach the most basic and final stage of sexual arousal. The most appealing genitals in a woman’s external genitalia are her clitoris. This is the external genitalia of women. The clitoris is called clitoris in Bengali. Various tests have shown that the length and width of the clitoris may not be the same for all women, but in all women the pleasure of touching the clitoris is immense.

Clitoris – The head of the clitoris is covered by soft skin or skin. It can be called the caterpillar hood or the covered head of the clitoris. If you gently remove this head, you will see small lumps of reddish or white soft flesh. Clitoris female feels pleasure to touch here. This joy can give joy like an extreme. Some women find that they enjoy touching the clitoris or clitoris more than they enjoy sex, and they find themselves in the middle of a lifetime of sexual pleasure.

If physical pleasure is obtained by touching the clitoris with one’s hand, it can be called masturbation. But if she gets the physical pleasure from the touch of her husband’s sexual partner, it is called Outer Course. After the clitoris, the issue of sexual face and sex lips comes into the external genitalia of the female. A woman has two lips on the surface of her vagina. One is called Labia majora and the other is called Labia manora.

The labia majora is the name of the uncommonly large lip and the labia majora is the name of the unripe small lip. During sexual arousal, these two lips of the vagina become a little gap or move away. There is a place in the urethra below the clitoris. Women have to pass urine through here. This is the idea of ​​the external genitalia of a fat woman. This whole area of ​​a woman’s external genitalia is called the vulva.


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