Things to do on Basar night, what should husband and wife do on Basar night, in the eyes of Islam these 10 things must be done with wife on Basar night


Basar night to do. 
What to do at night. In the solitary

atmosphere of the night of Basar, when there is intense desire for reunion between the bride and groom , the following prayers will be recited after reciting Surah
Ikhlach with Bismillah three times before the intercourse and after reciting Surah Falaq and
Surah Nas, then engage in intercourse.
In the name of Allah, the Most
Gracious, the Most
Merciful. O Allah!
Keep us away from Satan's evil. Keep the children that you will give us
away from the evil of Satan. ”Then the prayer of ejaculation
will come to mind during ejaculation. Which means: “O Allah!
Do not place any part of the devil in the child you will give us .
According to the hadith, if she gives birth to a child through sexual intercourse, Satan
will not be able to harm her. Shaykh 'Abd al-Haqq al-Muhaddith Dehlavi (may Allah be pleased with him)
said: By this it is understood that if this prayer is not recited during the time of intercourse, the devil
exerts its influence and there is unrest and violence among the children.
-Rifal Muslim Husband and wife will not be completely naked during intercourse.
the child is born shameless. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) used to cover himself
and his wife with a sheet or a cloth during intercourse. He spoke in
a low voice. And he would tell his wife not to get excited.
Stay calm
The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) also said that no one
should jump on his wife suddenly like an animal, but he should first kiss and hug her and sweeten her.
To make him interested in sweet words. After ejaculation, the husband will not move immediately
but will remain in that position for a while. So that the wife's needs are met
Because some women ejaculate late. Then both husband and wife
will be separated by wiping the place of shame with different clothes. * # * # * #  It is normal for your wife to be embarrassed during the first meeting. Can anyone afford to live together with a stranger, especially in a family arranged marriage? The following points must be taken into consideration during the first physical intercourse. You may not notice the second or subsequent reunions - but the first reunion is remembered by all couples. Husband and wife remember the first reunion as a tragedy, whether the first reunion is surprisingly good or a flop.

Wait for the correct signal : -
The first encounter can be catastrophic if there is a misunderstanding in giving and taking signals of mental preparation. Since both of you have been in a social bond through marriage for the rest of your life, reduce the normality of the relationship and the emotional distance between each other by talking or exchanging thoughts at night. Get to know a form of thinking consciousness of two people. Don't rush. There is a saying in our country, "A cat dies in the middle of the night." Men are desperate to pretend to be tigers. But the formula for killing cats is actually giving us a kind of misconception. Many girls are not mentally ready - in that case, if the husband goes to kill the cat, then the matter becomes like rape. In some states of India, it is a punishable offense for husband and wife not to have sexual intercourse at night. But you have to consider in advance how you will get along with your spouse.

Prepare for contraception : -
The contraceptive use of married couples in first sexual intercourse is equally beneficial for both. Maybe not using condoms or pills can ruin your true joy of intercourse for fear of your "sexually transmitted disease" or "pregnancy". It is best to use a condom to protect against sexually transmitted diseases on the first day - although it is not 100% protective. Moreover, your wife may not be mentally ready to be a mother. Therefore, after the marriage, knowing the history of each other's physical problems (if any) and having children, the next control step can be taken based on the opinion of the two people.
By no means do I want to convey that I recommend for the mother to be inactive .
In 80% to 90% of cases, the couple does not have the slightest success in the first match. Physical intercourse is not so much physical; More emotional reunion than that. Only when a person fully understands the contents of another person's body / liking - then only pleasurable sex is possible. The first meeting does not combine the feelings of mutual love. Moreover, the man / woman is so anxious or preconceived about the first reunion that he or she becomes nervous about the main task. And there is a difference in the status of the plan / person - so the plan made in advance can not be implemented. So go with the times. Enjoy the intimate moments of love. What could be more exciting than knowing the body of your loved one on the first night. Give time to each other - the more you know about each other's bodies, the more enjoyable the reunion will be.
Take a deep breath : -
When you have sex for the first time with someone, you may feel anxious and uncomfortable. Take deep breaths and exhale to calm your body and mind. Your brain needs enough oxygen to function properly. Many problems such as headaches, headaches and anxiety can be caused if you do not breathe properly under stress. It would be a shame if you could not have the slightest sexual intercourse. Take a deep breath - keep your mind free of worries. Exclude the idea of ​​killing a cat in the first match. Behave normally - you are with your spouse - with whom you have been in front for the rest of your life. Even if you don't kill the cat to keep the first night sound, there is no problem. Trust him how much you care for him.
By no means do I want to convey that I recommend for the mother to be inactive .
Pretending to lie about full-sexual satisfaction is like cheating on yourself and your partner. This may cause problems later on, because in fact you have exchanged the wrong information "What does your body want and what makes you sexually hungry?"


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