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Today's question: My age is 19 months irregular. I had my period on November 1 and then we met on the 28th. We did not use any method. What to do to ruin the baby?

I will be very benefited if my problem is solved.

Answer: Generally, the doctor advises not to ruin the child During the first pregnancy, the uterus or cervix is ​​so soft and narrow that bleeding and inflammation may occur when the cervix or cervix ruptures while it is being stretched. Husbands say that girls should never agree to abortion at this time without informing their parents or other senior guardians. In addition, if the fallopian tube is infected in any way, the tube will be blocked later and you may not have children in the future.

However, in the case of unmarried girls, abortion must be done considering all aspects And of course to a well-educated doctor If you go to a hammer or untrained doctor, the flower or part of the fetus may remain inside the uterus, the cervix may rupture, germs may become infected or septic may cause peritonitis, internal bleeding may lead to collapse and death of the mother. Even in this modern age in the countryside today, many girls go to Gunin or people of that profession (trying to abort by inserting roots or sticks in the uterus) and eventually fall into the lap of death.

In all cases of miscarriage, the fetus is first wound by inserting a type of long tube into the uterus. The baby is then sucked through a vacuum sucker. The unspoken pain of the baby during the abortion does not reach anyone's ears. An innocent child is turned into a dead flesh by the cruelty of a beast called man. For those mothers who kill their unborn child for the sake of instant gratification, there is boundless hatred.

What is abortion thing ??? Read a little below and see that the heart of a heartless person will also tremble. A

When you go to write this article, read how many times you have touched that hand.

Does it move your conscience !! ??

First month -

Hello Mom… .. !! How are you You know I'm only 3-4 inches tall now !! But I have all the hands and feet, I can hear you, it feels good to hear.

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2nd month -

Mom, I've learned to suck my thumb, now you'll see me baby! It's not time for me to come out yet, I feel very warm here.

3rd month -

Mom, do you know that I am a girl? I need a fairy fairy, you will be very happy to see me, why do you cry sometimes ammu ammu? When you cry, I cry too.

Fourth month -

I have short hair growing on my head, mother. I can move my arms and legs well, I can move my head, I can do many things.

Fifth month -

Mom, why did you go to the doctor? What did the doctor say? I can't hear him, I can't hear anyone except you.

Sixth month -

Mom, I'm in a lot of pain. Mom, the doctor is inserting something like a needle into my body. Tell them to stop. Mom, I won't leave you. Mom.

Seventh month -

How are you mom I'm in heaven now, an angel brought me, the angel said you had to have an abortion, why didn't you want me mom?

Every abortion means a heartbeat, a smile, two hands that can never touch anyone, two eyes that cannot see the light of day.

Fear God.

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If your girlfriend or wife becomes pregnant after physical intercourse, find out the name of the medicine to destroy it in 5 minutes and how to take it?

The contraceptive pill will only work within a month of pregnancy

1. isobent 120mg 3 hours to eat together. Instant monthly will start. There is no fear.

And not the fear of reunion with a girlfriend.

2. And if it is more than one month, isobent 120mg should be taken at 3 o'clock and 2 hours should be inserted into the vagina instant solution.

Note: Your doctor tries to answer readers' curious questions. However, a polite request to the reader to meet the needs of the body, do not ruin the fetus that is satisfied with the juice of the opposite sex. Think about it, should a child be ruined at all? There is nothing wrong with a newborn baby. Have sex with a little caution. And especially abstain from illicit sex. Thanks for staying with me.

After free intercourse, taking birth control pills causes extreme danger Consequences Sometimes death or later childbearing problems Married or unmarried - Which way to go in dealing with an unwanted pregnancy?

Emergency contraception:

Married, unmarried or having children - in any case having a sexual relationship without any protection is more likely to have children. Emergency contraception is one of the measures that should be taken to prevent childbirth in that case

What methods:

• Copper-T works well if you are married, have children or have lost a child - if you want emergency contraception. If you have copper, you can stay safe for 3-10 years The possibility of getting pregnant can be avoided almost 100 percent According to experts, the success rate of this type of contraception is equal to that of ligation.

হলে Copper is not allowed to be used for contraception if unmarried In this case, the only reliable contraceptive pill or emergency contraception pill 8 This tablet is given in a dose of 1.5 mg Such tablets should be taken within 72 hours of intercourse without any protection The sooner you eat, the better the medicine will work If you eat within 8-12 hours of meeting, the benefits are more The longer the delay, the less the work of medicine will be This type of contraceptive pill should be taken with you when you think of having sex without any protection.

• But the safest protection is condom There is no possibility of getting pregnant It is possible to be safe from AIDS If you have sexual intercourse with more than one man, condom is the best Don't rely on emergency contraceptive pills

Emergency contraceptive peel damage!

The idea that taking an emergency contraceptive pill after unprotected intercourse will not result in a miscarriage or even a miscarriage is wrong. In this case, after mating, the egg will be fertilized and the embryo will be formed The place where the fetus lives is called endometrium 6 Emergency contraceptive pill does not allow this endometrium to form As a result, the fetus does not get a place to stay (out of phase endometrium) 6 Another problem with using this pill is that it reduces the circulatory capacity of the fallopian tubes As a result, the fertilized egg gets stuck in the tube and starts growing there After that the child is lost in the tube and bleeding starts inside the abdomen In case of excessive abdominal pain, the patient needs to be admitted to the hospital and operated on This operation is called Ectopic Pregnancy Operation 6 In this case, the possibility of having a child in the future is greatly reduced, various accidents also occur In the case of unmarried girls, the emergency contraceptive pill does more harm than good

How to understand pregnant?

Be aware of yourself after unprotected intercourse If you are 5-6 days behind the time of menstruation, you must take pregaclar test If necessary, take a urine test If the time is delayed, you should test every seven days to see if the pregnancy has come! If menstruation is not at the right time, if the test does not find anything, then you must consult a doctor. Nausea, dizziness, not wanting to eat anything are the symptoms of pregnancy In many cases there are no symptoms

Not abortion with drugs:

Abortion is done through drugs - do not fall into the trap of this promise According to experts, this method should be completely abolished This type of drug destroys the function of the internal organs and tries to kill the fetus Which increases the danger If the child is spoiled in the womb and comes out in a natural way, the loss is less But if you try to destroy the child by taking medicine, in many cases it is seen that the child is spoiled and cannot come out, it remains in the uterus. This increases the danger The patient may die

Therefore, if you want to have an abortion with medicine, you must take the decision only after consulting the doctor and looking at the ultrasound report. Specific medicines should be taken with the advice of a doctor Do not use this medicine by yourself There are many problems in getting pregnant after taking medicine

Unwanted? Trust MVA!

Many people think of having an abortion if they become pregnant without a plan The most advanced method of abortion in modern medicine is MVA (Manual Vacuum Aspiration). This method protects all aspects of pregnancy loss There is no problem in having children in the future The pain in this method is much less than in other methods of abortion This procedure reduces bleeding and reduces the risk of damage to the uterus MVA is the best way to get an abortion between 8-10 weeks of pregnancy. 8-10 days after surgery or MVA sex can not be 7 Medicine should be taken If menstruation starts after one month, it is important to get a checkup from a doctor

The cost of MVA procedure depends on where the operation is being performed This MVA instrument is not available in all hospitals So if you decide to have an abortion, you must ask the doctor if the MVA procedure will be done or not! The only MVA-E can be done anywhere like daycare surgery No special measures are required for this


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