Stay away from the device two hours before bedtime

Remain absent from the gadget two hours some time recently sleep time, Stay away from the device two hours before bedtime

 Stay away from the device two hours before bedtime

Excessive use of the device is affecting our sleep. Because most of the time they spend behind this is not getting enough sleep. As a result many of them suffer from hyperactivity complications. Hyperactivity is a state of excessive attention deficit hyperactivity, which is the desire to do something over and over again without any thought.

Basically there is no alternative to sleep. And for this, turn off the WiFi or mobile phone data connection at least two hours before going to bed at night. Basically it is not right to keep these devices running without necessity. Being involved in these for twenty-four hours is detrimental to our mental state as well as the body.

After moving away from the device, it takes about 45 minutes for our brain to freeze and get ready for sleep. Experts say that people with redness, dry eye syndrome and Heston's nearsightness are suffering from blurred vision as a result of less sleep and extra time looking at the screen. The most common damage is when we turn off the lights in the house while sleeping at night when we look at the screen of the device.

We need to get enough sleep for wellness. Make it a habit to go to bed by 11pm. And so get away from the device by nine o'clock at night.

If you can't sleep, you can't spend time on the device. This will take the sleep further away. Again taking sleeping pills but harmful to health.

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