Is there any problem if you don't get together on Wedding night, is it necessary to get together on Wedding night?

 Is there any problem if you don't get together on Basar night, is it necessary to get together on Basar night?

Is it necessary to have sex at night? Those who are newly married or are about to get married are wondering whether they will have sex at night!

In the middle of the night, most of the men are very worried and worried about sex. However, in this case, if the marriage is in love or if there is a good understanding with the future wife before marriage, then their thoughts about having sex in the middle of the night are much less.

 And if the marriage is a family affair, if it is not heard with the future wife, then it is normal to be worried about having sex at night. Some people think that there is a lot of interest in the night or have to have sex in the night.

Again, many people think that it is better to have sex after two or three days without having sex at night.

You or your future wife will decide how you will spend the night, but you both have to decide. If you spend the night in bed with each other having sex, then it will not be good at all.

The night of the flower bed is a night that will never come back for the second time in a lifetime. The night of sexual intercourse will come many times, but the night of Basar will never return.

Try to know the things you like and dislike about each other through friendship. Since this night comes only once in your life, you, husband and wife, can spend this beautiful night in terms of mutual love and affection by cuddling each other.

Remember that in addition to sex, there are many ways to make the night memorable and more romantic. So it is much better to discuss the caress of friendship one day than to have sex in the middle of the night.

From a few days before the wedding to the day of the wedding, both the bride and groom have to go through various hardships. And the bride and groom are much more tired on the wedding day to do this work. And having sex with this tired body and mind will not be okay in any way.

At first, if the body is tired, but men can not have sex for a long time. And if you can't have good sex with your wife on the first night of marriage, then your weakness will be revealed to your wife from the first day.

 In addition, it often takes many nights for the wedding ceremony to end. And at the same time the body of the bride and groom is also tired. And if a man has sex with that tired body, then there can be problems like rapid ejaculation.

Like a man having sex for the first time, his wife also has various hopes and worries in her mind. And on this first day, if the husband's tired body is ejaculated as a result of intercourse, the wife will not like this at all. That's why the best thing to do in the middle of the night is to caress each other. The two can talk to each other in a very good way.

You can hug each other and sleep.

In the morning, the two of you can wake up and caress each other.

Then you can have sex effortlessly on the day after the wedding, since you spent the night gossiping with each other in a very good way, and you like each other, you feel bad, you understand the mentality, also your physical fatigue is a little less so if you have sex with each other on the day after the wedding If you do, your intercourse will not cause any problem.


However, if your marriage is a love affair, and if you already have a good acquaintance and understanding with your wife, then maybe having sex at night will not be a problem.

In any case, you husband and wife cannot give any gift to each other to make the night forever memorable. And you can plan for the future, and put up some pictures and videos of yourself as a reminder of that night.

In the end, I can only say that the two of you want to be together, but the real thing. Nothing comes of asking for a fortnightly. As long as they are calling each other.

So tell me, do you have sex at night?


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