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Home remedies for dark circles under the eyes,Domestic cures for dull circles beneath the eyes

Home remedies for dark circles under the eyes,Domestic cures for dull circles beneath the eyes

 Home remedies for dark circles under the eyes

Be it work stress, or state of mind. In many cases, the pressure on the face. Sometimes the face looks dry, sometimes, sometimes the hair falls out or there are black spots under the eyes. In which this ink under the eyes is causing more trouble now. While wearing the mask, the nose and lips are covered. As a result, the eye can be seen in the whole face. Due to which if there are black spots under the eyes, it becomes more clear. But you can get rid of this black spot in several homely ways.

Ice cubes

Wrap a few pieces of ice in a clean cloth. Then slowly apply a cold compress around the eyes. Do this every day. Once a day. If there is no ice on any day, you can also use cold water. Soak the cloth in it. She will cover her eyes with a wet cloth for a while.


It is very important to get good sleep. For those who are more stressed physically and mentally, this is even more necessary. Even measuring the bell at all times does not work. If you have fatigue spots on your face even after sleeping for eight hours a day, sleep longer. Get two hours of sleep at least two days a week.

Head up

When sleep is less, the impression of fatigue falls on the eyes, just as it does not lie properly. When going to sleep, make sure that the head is a little higher than the rest of the body. The blood circulation in the body is fine. As a result, swelling and black spots under the eyes are no more.

Tea bag

If you turn the bag of cold tea over your eyes for a while, it will look good. Tea contains caffeine and antioxidants. It improves blood circulation. Soak two tea bags in hot water at any time of the day. Leave for five minutes. Remove the bag from the hot water and refrigerate for two to fifteen minutes. When cold, close your eyes and leave two bags for ten minutes. Remove the bag and rinse the eyes with cold water.

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