Fat girls are much more skilled in bed than lean girls! Fat wife keeps her husband 10 times happier


Fat girls are much more skilled in bed than lean girls! Fat wife keeps her husband 10 times happier

Many people have the idea that the sexual needs of obese girls are relatively low! Having sex with fat girls is much less fun!

 But experts say it's a completely wrong idea. Being physically a little fat makes it a little difficult to have sex, but that doesn't mean you can't have sex with fat girls. In fact, it is a completely emotional matter. The mental aspect is much more important here than the physical one.

If you want to have sex with an obese girl, you have to know the right strategy in advance. Sex is not dependent on fat or thin girl. However, if you want to enjoy sex with fat girls, you have to follow some rules. Many obese girls also have the idea that they cannot give pleasure to any man or give sexual pleasure.

 But this thinking is completely wrong. This thinking leads to a lack of confidence in them. And this lack of self-confidence affects their sex life even more. The physical needs of obese girls are just right. Just being fat is a bit of a problem during sex.

So if this problem is overcome, having sex with fat girls will be as much fun as having sex with a girl with a relatively thin body.

How to have sex with fat girls is more fun

In general, there is a perception among all classes of people that having sex with an obese partner is not impossible. Fear of rejection, inability to meet the sexual needs of the sexual partner or inability to have sexual intercourse are some of the common worries that hinder sexual happiness the most.

How to get more pleasure from having sex with fat girls?

Besides, ignorance about the exact technique of sexual intercourse, not knowing how to arouse properly before intercourse, not knowing the places of sexual arousal etc., it is not possible to get the ultimate happiness of intercourse. In fact, social attitudes about obese people are mostly negative. Obese people may lose their sexual desire due to partial fasting. In addition, women who begin to lose weight, their normal menstrual cycle may become abnormal.

Obese or obese women usually have the idea that it is not possible for them to give sexual pleasure to a man or that no one likes them. As a result, they lack self-confidence. This kind of lack of self-confidence hinders their sex life in most cases.

Young girls can be driven crazy by touching that one place

Obese men also have this problem. Fear of rejection, inability to have sex, or the idea that a partner is unable to satisfy their sexual desires or that no one likes them prevents them from having sexual intercourse. If they refrain from sexual intercourse, they may become incapable of sexual intercourse. In fact, it has now become a social problem and there have been many studies in different countries of the world in this regard.

In the case of obese people, the physical sexual needs are at a normal level. However, some problems may occur due to being overweight during intercourse. In married life too, sex is an important way for obese people to get pleasure. It is also seen in the case of unmarried obese people that they have normal sexual desire. However, the idea that no one likes to have sex with them due to mental anxiety hinders their sex life.

Here are some common sexual posture techniques: Men's paddy seat: This seat is usually called missionary seat. This type of seat is usually more effective if the woman is fatter than her male partner. Hold the thigh as wide as possible. This will make her vaginal mouth completely suitable for intercourse. If her belly is too big, she can pull it upwards from the vaginal mouth with both hands.

This can be done at least until the male partner takes a seat between her thighs. If it is difficult to have intercourse, the female can place one or more pillows under her buttocks or buttocks. In this case it is easier to have intercourse because it raises the vaginal face. If you place more than one pillow under the buttocks, it is not only easy to have intercourse but also it is different in case of intercourse.

Sexual experts say that just three inches of elevation can change the sex. This seat can also be called a mail-operated seat. If necessary, the man can sit on his buttocks during intercourse. In this case, with both hands can be horny on the arousal parts of the body. .

Simra Asana: This seat is also a kind of seat for having sexual intercourse from the back side. By doing this, the vagina will be suitable for intercourse with the face above or behind. At this time, the man can have sex with his two legs on both the lower legs of the woman, sitting on his knees and with his back. If necessary, the man can take it with a pillow under his knees.

If the woman is thicker than the man, sex can be done in such a seat. This position is a little complicated, but if you try or practice, you can have sex in this seat.

X-seat: This is a lot like a T-square seat. In this case, the woman is lying on her back with her legs resting. The two will fuck as much as possible. After inserting the penis into the vagina, the woman will put her legs together and then create a 45 degree angle on the man's body. In this way, the position of the two will be the size of the English alphabet X.

However, while doing this, the muscles of the woman's vagina need to be pressed in such a way that the penis comes out. This seat does not interfere with each other's intercourse.

Oral sex: Knowing how to enjoy oral sex can be very pleasurable. Usually obese women are quite adept at oral sex. But the thing to keep in mind is that oral sex is not a one-sided thing.

Sexologists recommend 69 methods of oral sex. Oral sex is also a part of sexual intercourse. Through this sexual intercourse can be made more pleasurable.

Sex without intercourse: Sexual pleasure can be obtained many times without inserting the penis into the vagina. For example, a woman can be given sexual pleasure by inserting her fingers in the vaginal technique. Ways to get sexual pleasure. It is important to remember that being close to each other does not make you happy, but it does make you happy.


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