Extreme damage to pornography, pornography addiction can make you anti-social


Extreme damage to pornography, pornography addiction can make you anti-social

In the age of information technology, there is a huge boom in pornography. Everyone is looking for pornography to pass the time or for a little refreshment. But this intoxication is very bad. Even from here, anti-social activities increase

Earlier it was seen stealing. Still seen hiding and stealing. But the chances of seeing it before were very low. On the contrary, Battala's banned books were cheap and within reach. When everyone fell asleep, it was as if everyone was eating forbidden pornographic stories. It was the luxury of living alone without a partner.

Now home internet. Free Wi-Fi. Smart mobile phone in hand. As a result, one can jump into the forbidden world only when he is happy. No one will say anything. No problem hiding too much. Because smartphones are personal to everyone. Ear headphones to turn off the sound. Then do not take your eyes off the screen. And with this modernization of technology, the worldwide pornography market is booming.

Nude pictures of reckless sex between men and women doing business for billions of dollars. From teenagers to adults, the number of viewers is billions, regardless of gender.

On the one hand, actors, actresses and crew earn millions of rupees by showing their naked bodies. On the other hand, the audience does not hesitate to spend to see all this. This is a kind of intoxication. It is very difficult to get out of this addiction. And once this intoxication overwhelms you, no one will be able to save you from defeat. Alcohol, marijuana, cigarettes, drugs are not less harmful than anything else.

Once addicted to pornography, people become emotionally exhausted. Everyone tends to be alone. Mental disorders occur.

Many people view pornography more or less. However, not everyone is intoxicated. Making occasional visits for a little entertainment and making a habit of watching every day are two different things.

How do you know if you are addicted to pornography?

* Wants to watch pornography again and again. You can't keep yourself stuck in anything.

* Constantly spending time and money watching pornography. If you don't have money, you are getting restless.

* Pornography video videos have been circulating in my head all day.

* Postponing the necessary work of office or home is watching pornography.

* If pornography is not seen for any reason, the body becomes restless and the mind becomes restless. You can't put your mind to any work. I feel very angry.

* No matter how many ups and downs in life, you watch pornographic videos regardless of anything.

You are addicted to pornography only if you combine two of the above reasons.

Extreme damage to pornography

* Those who regularly view pornography are more likely to use alcohol and drugs. Later it exceeds the level. After a while, it is not possible to get out of these terrible drugs.

* Addiction to pornography puts stress on the brain. People go into depression after watching banned videos on the phone all day. It is very difficult to get out of it.

* If you get addicted to watching pornography, your mood will get worse. Irritable temperament and the tendency to quarrel for small reasons increase. Even the tendency to fight increases.

* Pornography is suppressed in the mind. Interest in antisocial work continues to grow. Obscene attitude is also created towards family members. And everyone has an idea of ​​how much this attitude can destroy a person.

How to reduce pornography addiction?

* If you want to get better and healthier by yourself, block pornographic sites on your smartphone or laptop, or computer.

* Try to spend time with family, friends, relatives. Go for a walk. The mind is clear in the open air.

* If you can't do it alone, take the help of psychologists. There is nothing to be ashamed of. If you want to cure the disease, you have to go to the doctor. Tell him everything. Follow his advice word for word.

* And the biggest thing is to strengthen your mind. That is what is needed first of all to get rid of intoxication.


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