Excessive stress can have a detrimental effect on your s-e-x life


Nowadays everyone is under extra stress. There is work pressure, there is economic pressure. At the same time, being under house arrest for a long time has also increased the mental stress. And this stress is disrupting sex life. Hormonal imbalances are also being noticed

The situation around the world is changing rapidly. The pace of change has accelerated, especially since the corona infection. Thus the rat race for jobs, business, money, name, fame, education, power has increased the stress terribly. On top of that now the thought of infection.

The stress of sitting at home, the thought of losing a job or losing a paycheck, the thought of the future - everyone is under a lot of stress. And this stress is affecting husband and wife as well. The biggest impact is on sex. As a result, emotional and physical distance is being created between couples. The two seem to be strangers from the same house.

More or less everyone knows how much sex is needed. If sexual intercourse is not regular, the stress increases again. The whole thing is like a cycle.

The pressure of pressure

As work stress increases, so does stress. And it leads to physical stress. And the combination of the two has a bad effect on sex life.

As a result of the extra stress, the energy level gradually decreases. In that case, he does not want to talk to his partner, and sex is a far cry. In this case, there is more pressure on women. Although both husband and wife complete their office work, the wife has to do the housework alone. He is responsible for taking care of the family. As a result, mental fatigue is suppressed along with physical fatigue. As a result, sexual hatred begins to manifest. And the lack of sex life also affects me.

To reduce stress, many people create bad habits like cigarettes and alcohol but honestly, stress is not reduced at all. In contrast, sexual intolerance begins with drug addiction. The body's energy levels also decrease. The body tends to be weak.

If the stress level of the husband or wife becomes excessive, then there are many changes in his daily use. Multiple problems including irritable mood, verbal anger or tendency to quarrel. If he is frustrated, there is more danger. Doubt is awakened in the minds of others. As a result, physical and emotional distance increases. As a result, sex life is also affected.

Stress can often lead to infertility. And this problem can happen regardless of gender. Again, after learning about the problem of infertility, sexual reluctance increases in many couples.

Weight gain due to stress is very common. Many people start to look ugly when they start getting fat. As a result, he continues to lose confidence. Again, even if the partner gains weight, the attraction towards him decreases. This increases the distance between the two. Which affects sex life.

The mantra to relieve stress

* First sit in a cold head and think about how much you need. Is it at all necessary that you are giving up your happiness and comfort by running a useless rat?

* Must have work pressure. But even under that pressure, share the time. If you need to work many nights, choose the day for sex.

* Remember to have regular sex but keep people stress free. If you get up in the morning and have sex, you feel better all day long. And after a long night's sleep, energy is gathered and sexual pleasure is also filled. As a result, the workload increases throughout the day.

* If the partner is under pressure, it is absolutely wrong to have forced sex with him. Instead, talk to him and ask him out well if he is no longer in touch.

* If your partner is tired, decorate the bedroom beautifully and create an atmosphere of romance. The partner's mind will gradually get better.

* Give importance to each other's preferences during sex. Four play works very well to reduce stress.

* Talk to each other about working all day at a certain time of the day to reduce stress. Eat good food together. Watch movies.

* Yoga and meditation reduce stress.

* Beautiful perfume or light is a great way to reduce stress and create a romantic atmosphere.

* Include foods in the diet that increase the body's energy. Eat carbohydrates, vitamin B, vitamin C, green vegetables, fiber-rich fruits and vegetables. You can eat dark chocolate regularly.

* Eat strong black coffee, oily spicy foods, low sugar. Stay away from cigarettes, alcohol and other drugs.


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