LSD or lysergin acid diethalamide is an acid or synthetic drug


LSD or lysergin acid diethalamide is an acid or synthetic drug

LSD or lysergin acid diethalamide is an acid or synthetic drug

Scientists have discovered many drugs for human welfare. Some of these drugs have changed human history. Prevented all terrible diseases.

Some drugs have again become a curse for mankind. Again, some drugs have opened up a new world for mankind. One such drug is LSD. Many have heard of LSD in Hollywood movies and Western novels!

Although this drug is not as harmful as other drugs, it is also less prone to addiction. But this drug has an effect on the brain that helps with hallucinations.

 As a result, those who use this drug see things of different colors and shapes that do not exist in this world. The drug also enhances the functioning of all the nerves in the human brain that are often reminiscent of past memories.

Even this drug is able to remind people of his birth memories. So what is this LSD?

How was this drug made?

 Why or why not?

LSD or lysergin acid diethalamide is an acid or synthetic drug.

In 1937, switch scientist Albert Hoffmann was in his lab trying to develop a drug that would solve the problem of urinary incontinence during childbirth.

 That's why he worked with a fungus called ergot and discovered LSD. Accidentally one day the drug came in contact with his tongue and he started hallucinating.

He later experimented with the drug. When Hoffman failed to do the job he was supposed to do, Hoffman sent him to a pharmaceutical lab in Zurich in 1943 to find out how to use the drug properly.

After testing the drug's effects on various animals in the lab, scientists speculated that LSD could be the solution to mental imbalances. Subsequently, LSD was delivered to a psychiatric hospital in Zurich in 1948 and tested on patients with schizophrenia and other mental illnesses.

But LSD also fails to solve all these problems. Many have speculated that the drug could be a breakthrough in popular psychotherapy in the 1950s. So it started to be provided to different therapists. This is how the drug reaches the United States and reaches the general public through the hands of therapists and spreads throughout the United States and Europe.

Many people start using this drug because of the tendency to create hallucinations of LSD. Even in the sixties a new psychedelic culture was created from this drug. Popular music artists and band members started using this drug. The lyrics and melodies of most of the songs of the popular British band Pink Floyd are also made using this drug.

 Apple co-founder Steve Jobs also used the drug. According to Francis Creek, a Nobel Prize-winning scientist for explaining the structure of DNA, the use of this drug helped him a lot in his research. The idea is that if this drug is used in the right way, it can expose many unused parts of the human brain. Which can solve all difficult problems.

Even experiencing the striking effects of LSD, the CIA and the US military continue to experiment with its use. The CIA first started using it as a lie detector drug. But fails. Later, it was also tested on soldiers. But due to its tendency to hallucinate excessively, the use of this drug is banned by the CIA. The drug was banned worldwide in 1986. About 10 percent of the population in the United States and Great Britain used the drug before it was banned. LSD is still used as a recreational drug in many parts of the world.


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