Extreme sexual and physical pleasure for girls alone, tips full of excitement

Extreme sexual and physical pleasure for girls alone, tips full of excitement

 Totka full of 11 excitements, which will give lonely women a lot of physical pleasure. Women are happy with the body or not? This question is still to be heard in the 21st century. Even many women feel that it is not only unjust but also unholy to have body happiness alone. It is a heinous crime to do anything like physical pleasure without a male partner. However, a change of mindset is coming. The words that the girls did not dare to say in public before, now they are showing the courage to say those words in public. In fact, how a woman enjoys her body is entirely up to her. Here are eleven methods that will give a woman a heavenly feeling of physical pleasure. Which is called 'orgasm' in English. Physical pleasure

Totka full of 11 excitements, which will give lonely women a lot of physical pleasure

1. Orgasm in the bathtub! - Strange as it may sound, it can be done. First get up in the dry bathtub. Leave the call. Attach a small pipe to the mouth of the faucet so that the water from the faucet flows directly to your waist. Now lie down in the bathtub and lift both sides of the bathtub with two legs apart. Leave the call before doing this. Make sure that the flow of water is directed towards your vagina. Now take the flow of water in the vagina. Follow the process to see what kind of magic is waiting for you.

2. Finger Helen- Lie down on the bed. Fold the hind legs and raise the waist. This means that the mass on the back of your waist will be completely above the knee. Now put a pillow on the floor of the stomach. First gently push the middle of the left arm up to the vagina. Once the finger is set properly, gently move the waist from top to bottom and side wise. Move in such a way that there is a light collision with the finger. If the fitness of the body is right, you can do this habit by keeping the middle of the left and right hand together. It works like magic when it comes to getting an orgasm.

3. Keep the body in a comfortable back-set - place a comfortable chair or something very soft on the back of the body. Where you can keep the body leaning. Then bend the right leg and lengthen the left leg in front. Now keep on gently stroking the vagina with your finger. If you are a little tired, move your finger inside the vagina.

4. Raise your legs in front of you - you have to lie down on a plane surface. Then two legs should be lifted from the waist towards the front. Now move the finger lightly in the vagina. Keep moving your fingers like this until you reach the final peak of excitement.

5. Take the help of a vibrator - wrap the vibrator in a towel. Then go straight to the bathroom. Insert the towel-wrapped vibrator between the buttocks between the two legs. Now feel the physical pleasure.

. Lie on your back and have sex. Lie on your back. Fold the legs to one side. This fold should be done in such a way that the vagina is exposed from the back. Now try to insert your finger or dildo which is known as sex-toy into the vagina from behind. If you can feel any change in you in this sex game then report it for orgasm.

. Lie on your back in the bathtub - Lie on your back in the bathtub. And bend the legs and place them upwards. Now run a hand shower and take the force of water towards the vagina. Follow this sport a few times.

. The Double Circle - Lie down on the bed in such a way that your body is sideways. Hold one hand over the vagina with the front and the other with the back and keep pressing lightly. Occasionally just move your finger into the vagina.

9. Sit on top of the sex toy - sit on top of the legs. Keep the body in such a way that the weight does not fall on the knees. Now put in front of a dildo or sex toy that looks like a penis. Now move the vagina on top of that dildo and gently light it up and down to give Dawn a meeting.

10. Do something for yourself - if you can, buy a good sex-toy from the market which is an oral sex stimulator. Lie down and read. Fold both legs. Sex toy stimulators have two things: a dildo and a vibrator. Run the dildo into the vagina and place the vibrator above the lower abdomen.

11. In front of the mirror - If there is a large mirror in the house, place it in such a way that your naked body can be seen completely. Then lift both legs in front of the mirror and bend in such a way that the back of your body is exposed. Now move the finger of the hand through the back of the body to the vagina. See the whole action in the mirror. It is an infallible medicine to get an orgasm.

Stay healthy, love yourself and family. Let us know in the comments below how you feel about our writing and if you have any questions. Please share to get the post to your friends. Thank you so much for reading the whole post.


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