Sweaty face makeup tips


Sweaty face makeup tips

Sweaty face makeup tips

It is very hot outside But I have to get out You also have to go to the ceremony How to keep makeup right to deal with sweat this summer? The way is highlighted.

Things to do during make-up:

The less cosmetics you use, the lighter the skin makeup will be.

The thick layer of makeup on the face increases the amount of sweat So use antibacterial makeup

It is better to cover your face with concealer instead of foundation. This will keep the skin light.

It is better to have SPF level above 30 in cosmetics. BB cream is a suitable way. Because it is a mixture of moisturizer and foundation.

Use makeup that meets the needs of the lips, eyelids and cheeks. I mean all in one 6 This will save time, the bag will be light. You can choose from a variety of shades of ‘Summary Bright’ or light pink and ‘Chick Tint’. These will give a healthy glow with light make-up.

Water proof makeup

Buy waterproof eyeliner, mascara and eye pencil You have to wipe your face often in hot weather. These cosmetics should be used to wipe the face so that the eyelids are not removed. You have to choose a dark or light colored eyeliner at once. So that it shows you all day as fresh as the morning.

A mixture of cosmetics for hair

Hair cosmetics that smooth and protect from tangles can be mixed and used together. It will kill two birds with one stone. The hair will be smooth and will not tangle again.

The hair look thick

You can get rid of the feeling of gum in your hair by using shampoos and conditioners that increase the density. Before drying your hair with a dryer, you can apply a lotion that increases the density of the hair. And the hair should be combed from top to bottom.

Get wavy hair

First of all, apply curling on wet hair and tie it up. Later you can use ‘curler’ or ‘tong’ to make your hair look wavy. On the third day of shampooing, you can use dry shampoo to avoid stickiness. It will keep the feeling of playing with the hair waves for a little longer.


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