Blood with sudden urination is actually the work to be done


Blood with sudden urination is actually the work to be done

Blood with sudden urination is actually the work to be done

Anyone can bleed with urine. While bleeding with sudden urination is not harmful, in many cases it can cause serious illness.

Therefore, if the disease is identified at the beginning and proper treatment is taken, the complications will be reduced. There is no specific or single reason for blood in the urine; Rather blood can go for many reasons. However, if there is blood throughout the urine, there is a complex reason behind it.

Now the question is, where does the blood come from in the urine? Blood can come from anywhere in the urinary tract. Such as- kidney, bladder, urethra. Bleeding in the urine can be due to many reasons.

These include:

* Bladder infection or cystitis. In this case, there is usually burning sensation in the urine.

* Kidney infection. In this case there is usually fever in the body and pain in one or both sides of the abdomen.

* Kidney stones. Kidney stones can usually be present without any symptoms.

* Urethritis or inflammation of the urethra. It is usually caused by sexually transmitted diseases, such as chlamydia.

* Enlargement of the prostate gland. This problem usually occurs in older people.

* Prostate cancer.

* Bladder cancer.

* Kidney cancer.

* Injuries to the lower abdomen or kidneys.

In our country, urinary tract injury, inflammation, cancer and stones are usually responsible for bleeding in the urine.

 In the case of older people, bleeding in the urine should be treated as a serious disease.

 Excessive exercise can sometimes cause blood to flow with very little urination. Conventional drugs such as aspirin can also trigger such problems, but blood in the urine usually indicates a serious illness.

Symptoms and signs

The main symptom of excessive bleeding is pink, red or black color of urine. This is due to the presence of red blood cells. Bleeding in the urine can often cause severe pain. Again, there may be blood in the urine without any symptoms or signs.

In many cases bleeding with urine can only be seen under a microscope. So even if no blood is seen, if there is a history of recurrent urinary tract infections, burning sensation in the urine, back pain, fever; However, it is necessary to check the urine to see if there is blood in it.


* Treatment depends on the cause of the bleeding. Many times the cause of bleeding in the urine is very difficult to find out.

* In case of bleeding in the urine, it may be necessary to take antibiotics after examining the urine as per the advice of the urologist.

* If there is pain, painkillers should be taken. However, if you have kidney complications, not all types of painkillers can be taken. So be sure to consult a doctor before taking painkillers.

* If the bleeding is high, the patient may need to donate blood.

The doctor must be informed

* The time when you first noticed blood in the urine

* Do you feel pain or burning or any other difficulty in lower abdomen while urinating?

* Whether you are urinating more frequently than before

* Never before, even for once, whether there is blood in the urine

* Is the smell of urine different than usual?

* Do you smoke or not, how many times a day?

Even if there is no blood, you have to go to the doctor

* If there is a history of repeated urinary tract infections

* For general checkup if the age is more than 50

* In case of sudden injury to lower abdomen or lower back

* If you have a prostate problem

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