What was my fault, ma'am?


What was my fault, ma'am?

What was my fault, ma'am?

- Md. Firoz Khan

Short-lived emotion ma'am

Momentary happiness,

What kind of justice is this, your mother?

Do not see the face of the earth.


I don't want to come, ma'am

I am in your stomach,

Or more than anyone in the world

Is the child expensive for the mother?


Forget the conscience for happiness

If you put it on your chest,

Laughs and plays at the end of joy

If you cut it and throw it away.


Finally one day you

Come to me, ma'am,

Then you are with God

Think about what to say?


I died and survived

I saved your value, ma'am.

If I lived on earth

I would have been identified as an illegitimate child.


Get happiness by becoming a prostitute

Why did you take me in your stomach?

Fear of stigma finally

Mom threw me in the dustbin.


Your mother with you

If so,

Ma'am that day to understand

What is the pain of death?


Yet ma'am for you

I will ask God for blessings

Do not go to the field of resurrection

The fire does not touch.

O Allah, make us all believe that no mother should do injustice to any child out of emotion. Amen, O Lord of the Worlds.

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