What does science have to say about ?

What does science have to say about masturbation?

Many are addicted to this masturbation! Most of them do not know about its harm.
In this post, I will try to explain the harms of masturbation in the eyes of science ...

What does science have to say about masturbation?
Masturbation will create various sexual complications

This one masturbation is enough to poison your sex life. And if pornography is associated with it, then it is Sahaga in the army. As well as holding hands, this duo will ruin your life.

One of the causes of premature ejaculation is premature ejaculation. When masturbating you keep trying to get to the final moment as quickly as possible, the top bliss is found.

It doesn't feel good when it's late, unbearable annoyance comes and fills up. After masturbating for a while like this, your brain will understand very soon that you want to reach the final moment. He will then program himself in this way. In a short time, you are topless. Go on foot. Even during normal intimacy with your wife, your programmed brain will take you to the final moment in no time. Your wife will be dissatisfied.

Masturbation will make you unfit for sex. In the language of medical science, it is called erectile dysfunction (Erectile Dysfunction (ED)). Penis problems will not cause your penis to erect during intercourse, it will not be as hard as it needs to be, or it will not last as long as it needs to be hard. As a result, you will lose the ability to have a normal sex.

Masturbation will cause you to lose interest in normal sex. According to a 2015 study, married men lost interest in intimacy with their wives as a result of masturbation and watching porn. Intimacy with the wife seems monotonous to them. Because of masturbation. Chronic Penile Lymphedema is also a risk factor for developing irritable bowel syndrome. Resulting in the penis taking on an ugly shape.

Marital unrest
Where normal sexual intercourse gives the gift of a happy marriage, a shower of heavenly bliss rains down on this dusty earth, masturbation, anal sex, oral sex adds the flavor of hell to married life. Frustration, dissatisfaction, unrest, quarrels are some of the influences in these perverted sexual practices. Cornell University Clinical Professor of Urology and Reproductive Medicine. Harry Fish said of the harmful effects of masturbation, “Frequent masturbation will cause a person to suffer from erectile dysfunction. If he watches pornography along with masturbation, he will lose the power of sexual intercourse one day.

Masturbation can reduce the amount of testosterone.

First, we need to know what is testosterone? What is the need for 26? Testosterone is a very important hormone for men. In simple terms, it is the hormone that makes a man a man. What are the roles of testosterone in the human body?

Let's see:
1) Energy
2) Memory
3) Manayayeg
4) Self-esteem
5) Self-control
6) Well-formed muscles
7) Physical strength
8) Ability to work
9) The seriousness of the tone of voice
10) Peace of mind
11) Masculine behavior
12) Effective behavior
13) Production of red blood cells
14) Normal bone structure
15) To provide enough meat for sexual intercourse
16) To enable long-term sexual activity
18) Healthy metabolism production
17) Liver functions
19) Formation of the well-formed prostate gland.
What happens if the amount of testosterone in the body decreases?

1) Fatigue
2) Depression
3) Poor memory
4) Decreased concentration
5) Excessive instability
6) Low physical ability
7) Decreased self-control
8) Decreased masculine behavior
9) Behavior is minimal
10) Not being interested in normal sex
11) Rapid ejaculation
12) Decreased vision
13. Pain in the spine
14) Muscles are not well-formed
15) Accumulation of body fat
16) Bone loss
17) Hair loss.

By masturbating you are eliminating this testosterone which is very important for the body. Oops!

What a pity! Now if you are in the mood for an argument, you can say, “If masturbation lowers testosterone, will it also decrease because of normal sex? So will people be excluded from normal sex? ” In fact, there is a stark difference between masturbation and normal sexual activity. It's not just word of mouth, it's scientifically proven.

Our brains react completely differently during masturbation and normal sex. Because of normal sex, testosterone in the body is not reduced, but vice versa. One of the reasons for the increase in the amount of testosterone in the body is normal sexual activity. In 1992, an experiment was performed on 4 pairs of couples.

To see what their testosterone levels are on the day of their normal sexual intercourse and the day they have not had sex.

It was found that the amount of testosterone in their body increased the night after they had normal sex. On the other hand, the night they did not have sex, the next day the amount of testosterone in their body did not increase.

In 2003, what about the amount of testosterone in the body when masturbation is stopped. An experiment is run on the effect. The results show that testosterone levels increase normally during the first 1 to 5 days of abstaining from masturbation.

On the 6th and 7th day this growth rate becomes 146%! After 7 days, testosterone levels return to normal. Risk of prostate cancer
The number of people with prostate cancer or prostate cancer is increasing day by day.

Masturbation is mainly responsible for this. However, many of us are under the misconception that masturbation is the cause of prostate cancer. Well, let's leave out the debate and see what the results of the research are. Polyxeni Dimitropulu (Ph.D.), Rosalind Ellis (Ph.D., FRCP), and Kenneth R. Mewer (Ph.D.) studied 640 people. They collected all the sexual information of these 640 people.

 Half of them were diagnosed with prostate cancer before the age of 60, and the other half did not. The results of their study were astonishing. “Normal sex does not affect the risk of prostate cancer, but masturbates.

Between the ages of 20 and 30, masturbation increases the risk of prostate cancer. Compared to those who masturbate less than once a month, those who masturbate 2-6 times a week at this age have a 69% higher risk of developing prostate cancer at age 60. Again, those between the ages of 20 and 30 who stay away from masturbation have an 80% lower risk of developing prostate cancer. ”31 Masturbation also increases women's risk of breast cancer.

Masturbation will weaken your muscles
The hormone testosterone is very important for well-built muscles. And if you gradually eliminate that hormone by masturbating, then how will your body be well-organized? A man's body will be well-formed, beaten according to steel, hard; According to the girls, Lantana is soft and not flexible.

Masturbation will make you extremely uncomfortable
A 2001 study found that within 30 minutes of masturbating, the amount of noradrenaline in the body of the masturbator decreased significantly. What are the consequences of Noradrenaline deficiency in the body? Noradrenaline34 is a hormone that plays the most important role in maintaining an uninterrupted focus on anything. And you are reducing that important hormone by masturbating! Then how will there be mindfulness!

Think about it, on the day of masturbation, can you concentrate on work in class, at the reading table, or anywhere else, or are you always thinking uncontrollably in your head?


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