The Australian vaccine gives us hope

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The Australian vaccine gives us hope

The Australian vaccine gives us hope

The Australian vaccine against corona is also raising hopes. The final stage of this vaccine is being tested. The vaccine is being developed by the University of Queensland and CSL in Australia.

If all goes according to plan, this vaccine will also come to the market next year. Health Minister Greg Hunt said the vaccine had been tested so far.

As seen in the first stage clinical trials, this vaccine is safe. It is making antibodies. Hunt says they are very excited about the success of this vaccine test. Vaccine testing is extremely successful, especially in the elderly.

However, Australia is a little behind in the competition for corona vaccine. The third and final phase of the corona vaccine, developed by Oxford in the United Kingdom and Pfizer in the United States, is nearing completion.

It is expected to hit the market in January next year.

Russia's Sputnik 5 and China's vaccine are also in the final stages of testing. India is also testing the final stages of two vaccines. All these vaccines are expected to arrive by March next year. In that case, the Australian vaccine will arrive a little later, between July and September next year.

Source / Deutsche Welle

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