Nurse killed 6 children in five years!


Nurse killed 6 children in five years!

Nurse killed 6 children in five years!

Between 2015 and 2016, eight newborns died in a row in the pediatric ward of a hospital in Chester, UK. During the investigation, the police came to know that the babies born prematurely had lung and heart problems and died. But events took a turn on the other side. Chester police have uncovered a key mystery by arresting a nurse at the hospital in Chester.

According to the international media 'Fox News', the name of the nurse arrested by the Chester police is Lucy Letbir (30). He was the one who killed those 8 newborns. Not only that, he has been accused of trying to kill 10 more children including coming to the hospital for treatment and giving birth to a newborn.

Police arrested Lucy on suspicion of involvement in child deaths at the Chester hospital in 2018-2019. But the police could not arrest him as there was no evidence. The case has been under investigation for the last few months. Meanwhile, the police found evidence that Lucy was involved in the deaths of the children. Police arrested Lucy from her Hereford home last Tuesday. Charges have been framed against him on Thursday.

Fox News reports that Chester police did not say why or how the children were killed, but confirmed that Lucy was the child's killer. Police also claimed that Lucy had tried to kill 10 other children at the hospital in the last five years.

Meanwhile, Lucy's family and colleagues were stunned by such a tragic incident. They knew Lucy as a very calm woman.


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