Nilima will come in a blue sari


Nilima will come in a blue sari

I got acquainted with Nilima at the beginning of my writing. Then I just started writing. As one, Nilima was known as a friend of mine on Facebook. Nilima was my reader at first. Then gradually the girl became my friend.

Nilima was a little naughty type. I used to have fun all the time. I used to have some messages with Neelima every day. Her sweet tolled smile and naughtiness gripped my insides. In my dream, the form of Maharani is coming. He took away my night's sleep. He taught me to love.

I am scheduled to meet him on Friday this week. The line of a smile on the corners of the lips came to mind. Budd loves naughty Nilima too much. Biodata is the one who created him with Maya. Only he knows it well

This year is only in the second year. I have never seen Neelima with my own eyes. What does he look like? How is her smile? If he smiles, does the toll fall on his cheek? Nothing was known.

However, she always wore blue sari more and later I came to know that she liked blue sari very much. I told him the day we would meet and he would come in front of me wearing a blue sari. And I said I would read blue Punjabi. I thought to myself, the two will be quite good, right?

Friday came while waiting. I am sitting on the sofa with a cup of tea in the morning. I have been calling Nilima for a long time. Her phone was off.

As soon as I turned on the TV, breaking news came in front of my eyes. Last night, some talented boys raped and killed a girl named Nilima. Seeing the news, his eyes went up to his forehead. I made up my mind that maybe no other sapphire can be the sapphire of my love

Turning on the laptop, I went to Duke Nilima's ID on Facebook and saw that Nilima had uploaded a pic of her last night. That's when I realized that there is no one but Nilima.

That Nilima has seen in breaking news. This is how the man of love leaves after being raped by the rapist. Nilima of my love is no longer seen in a blue sari.

 Author: - Md. Firoz Khan

Dhaka Bangladesh


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