How to lose face fat: 7 effective tips

How to lose face fat: 7 effective tips - Health Hub City
Not only should we worry about a perfect silhouette, but it is also important not to forget about facial fat
lose face fat: 7 effective tips - Health Hub City

Have you got fat on your face? When we gain a few extra kilos, one of the parts of the body in which the kilos are seen the fastest is on the face, especially in areas such as the double chin and the cheeks or cheeks. If you want to regain the skin on your face and make it thinner, smoother and smoother, you should know that you have to follow healthy lifestyle habits that will help you lose weight and therefore reduce fat. In this OneHowTo article, we give you some tips that will show you how to lose face fat with a few simple changes to your routine that will help you lead a healthier life.
When a person is concerned about losing weight, they want to obtain a slim figure, forgetting about the facial fat that causes the curious cheeks. If you don't know how to slim your face, keep reading and apply these tips.
An investigation carried out by the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute, determines that the greatest causes of overweight are produced by low energy balance, that is, the energy consumed through food is not the same as the energy consumed spend with physical activity.

1. Less calories
We must reduce the consumption of sugary drinks, excessive desserts and fried foods or foods with a lot of oil and start eating vegetables, fruits and proteins.

lose face fat: 7 effective tips - Health Hub City

2. Drink water

Staying hydrated benefits the release of toxins and fats, which allows you to maintain a slim figure, which will help reduce the size of the cheeks.

lose face fat: 7 effective tips - Health Hub City

3. High fibre diet

It is essential to consume fibres since they accelerate the metabolism and allow you to get rid of the fats that you do not need in your body, since they will only make you gain weight.
lose face fat: 7 effective tips - Health Hub City

4. Exercise

We must exercise at least 30 minutes a day, it will help you burn calories and therefore lose weight, this includes reducing fat on your face that will be favoured with thinner cheeks.

lose face fat: 7 effective tips - Health Hub City

5. Less alcohol

Drinking alcohol type beverages cause of inflammation in the face due to the calorie content and significant fluid retention, the recommendation is not to abuse its consumption.

After reading these recommendations, you just have to be constant in the generation of healthy habits and you will see the results you want to obtain.

6.facial exercises
One of the best ways to tone your face and reduce excess fat from your cheeks and face is through facial exercises; are a series of gymnastic movements that help to stylize the skin and make it smoother, smoother and without wrinkles.

Inflate the cheeks with air, taking a deep breath, and hold the inflated cheeks for 5 seconds. Then empty them and breathe again to hold for 5 more seconds. Repeat this process 10 times and do it every day; in a short time, you will see how the skin of your face is smoother.
Another exercise for the face is to smile by stretching your lips well, you must hold this gesture for 10 seconds and repeat it 5 times a day.
lose face fat: 7 effective tips - Health Hub City

You can also inflate the cheeks with air and pass it from one side of the mouth to the other to have smoother and firmer skin. You will have to repeat it 10 times and do it every day to see results.
To get firming the skin, you can also try sucking the cheeks, holding for 5 seconds and repeating the exercise 10 times. In this OneHowTo article, we tell you about the aesthetic benefits of facial gymnastics.

7.facial creams 
lose face fat: 7 effective tips - Health Hub City

To lose face fat, you can also help yourself with some facial creams that have properties to firm and tone the skin. You must bear in mind that these creams are not miraculous, that is, if you do not combine them with healthy habits, it will be useless to put them on. However, if you follow the guidelines just discussed and apply the creams daily, they can help you make the skin on your face smoother. You must consider them as a compliment, support to your daily care.


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