Honors 4th Year (Special) Oral / Practical Examination Routine 2020


National University Honors Fourth Year (Special) Oral / Practical Examination Routine 2020

The National University has published a press release regarding the Honors Fourth Year (Special) Oral / Practical Examination 2016 2016. Honors Fourth Year (Special) Examination under National University Practical Examination of 201P. Honors 4th Year Practical / Viva Exam Schedule 2020

National University 2011-2012 and 2012-2013 academic year Honors 4th year (special) examination 201 practical and oral examination schedule published. Here I will present to you the details of the practical and oral examination of the fourth year of Honors.

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The Honors Fourth Year (Special) Oral / Practical Examination of 201 Hon held under the National University was postponed due to circumstances caused by Coronavirus. The postponed oral exam will be held from November 15 to November 30 through video conferencing (Zoom APS) and practical exam through hygiene rules.

National University Honors Fourth Year (Special) Oral / Practical Examination 2018 will be accepted from 15/11/2020 to 30/11/2020. According to the schedule, the college authorities will conduct practical and oral examinations for the fourth year of the National University Honors. After taking the practical and oral test, the number sheet is requested to be sent online and the original copy to the concerned branch.

Honors 4th Year Oral / Practical Exam Deadline: 15/11/2020 to 30/11/2020

The list of Honors Fourth Year (Special) Examination Centers can be found on the University website (www.nubd.info). Candidates have been informed to take part in the examination by contacting the concerned teachers of the examination center through their respective colleges.

Honors 4th year oral / practical examination and dispatch number rules

The name of the external examiner of the oral / practical examination will be communicated to the concerned college and the external examiner by letter. If the letter is not available, you need to contact the Exam Controller, Honors Part, and 4 branches to know the name of the external examiner.

The date and time of the examination should be fixed in consultation with the external examiner. The test must be completed by the due date.

If the external examinee expresses disability, he / she can contact the concerned branch on the phone number.

The name of the external examiner should be changed. Under no circumstances can external examiners be appointed and examinations are taken without the approval of the University authorities.

College-based number sheets and attendance sheets of the candidates participating in the oral / practical examinations National University Web Site

(WWW.nubd.info/204) to download and print. After taking the test of the examinees, the external examiner and the internal examiner will verify the names of the examinees, rail, and regi number in the number form and give the opposite number. At the same time accept the signatures of the examinees in the attendance sheet.

• All the candidates have to enter the data using the college password in the presence of the external examiner after taking the exam. Before sending the number on-line, it is necessary to check whether the number of all the candidates has been entered correctly. No manual number will be accepted unless sent online. By no means do I want to convey that I recommend for the mother to be inactive.

Be careful not to make the number anti wrong in any way. No application for revision of number will be accepted after publication of results.

After data entry and sending online, print out of the sent number sheet should be taken. The original copy and the print copy will be signed by the external examiner and the internal examiner at the designated place. At the same time, the external and internal examiners will sign the attendance sheet at the designated place on each page. Absent must be written on the number sheet and attendance sheet of the absent candidates. No house can be left empty under any circumstances.

A copy of the print out will be saved by the external examiner himself and a copy will be saved by the head of the department. Topsit, original copy of number sheet and original attendance sheet should be filled in the prescribed envelope and sealed and sent to the Deputy Controller of Examinations, Honors 4th Year Branch and one copy to the Controller of Print Out Examinations, National University, Gazipur-1804 . Oral/practical number, subject, subject code should be written on the envelope. 01 photocopy of the attendance letter should be kept in the office of the department head/principal.

Mau Oral / practical examination of any candidate whose name is not in the list cannot be taken. If the name of a valid examinee is not in the print out, then the name should be included in the data by contacting the concerned branch along with the required paper and admission card.

If there are candidates from other colleges besides the concerned college in the oral/practical examination center, separate number sheets and attendance sheets are prepared

Should be sent in a separate name according to the rules. Seal a copy with the principal of the college under consideration for sending the number on-line

To be sent. The concerned principal will send the number of the candidates of his college on-line using the password of Mahaday College.

In case the confidentiality of the passwords of the respective colleges should be protected while sending data. The concerned college will be held responsible if any discrepancy is observed between the original number sheet (hand entry) sent to the university and the number entered online.

Question Statistical question papers cannot be played in the absence of an external examiner and cannot be practiced accordingly.

If in case of any problem, please contact the Deputy Controller of Examinations, Honors 4th Year Branch, Phone No. 02-9291031, Mobile No. 01313-052361.

Original copy of the number sheet should be sent to the concerned branch within 07 (seven) days after completion of the oral/practical examination of the college.

College If a college completes the oral/practical examination of any examinee through an external examiner, the number sheet of that examination is acceptable.

Will not Due to that the result of the examinee will be suspended.

Note: No modification, addition or change can be made after sending the number of oral/practical test. Notification regarding Honors 4th Year (Special) Oral / Practical Examination 2016 of National University.


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